scrolling effects, full screen and menu

  1. last year


    are there any tutorials about creating scrolling effects, full screen, menu..... like this one : ?


  2. I'm also interested in the full screen option, if anyone knows some help would be appreciated thanks

  3. Deleted last year by Riccardo G 6
  4. Riccardo G 6

    28 Oct 2022 Administrator

    Hello everyone,

    we are working on integrating "Full screen" mode into PubCoder, in the meantime, I attach this file with an explanation of how to implement it using code FullScreenExample


  5. Hello Ricardo G

    It works perfectly fine on computer browsers, but on mobile browsers I get an error, no image and there will be no full page, or what am I doing wrong?

    Someone who can help me, thanks

  6. Riccardo G 6

    3 Nov 2022 Administrator

    Hello Francisco,

    The "Full screen" mode is designed for computer browsers and not for mobile devices.
    Unfortunately for mobile devices it isn't supported and therefore cannot be implemented in PubCoder.
    I have corrected the problem in this FullScreenExample , now you will no longer get errors on mobile devices.



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