Grey Scroll Bar, How do I make it disappear?

  1. last year

    Some pages seem to have a scroll bar even when there's nothing to scroll, which is a grey scroll bar.

    So in total you have 2 scroll bars:

    1. The first is by default from the browser.

    2. The second is around the canvas of the export HTML5.

    Needless to say this is quite ugly.

    How do we fix this?

  2. Angelo S

    2 Nov 2022 Administrator

    Hello David, this is strange and should not happen, for example:
    Please write to us at and send a wetransfer/dropbox/googledrive link with your project file so we can have a look

  3. Nevermind, this was based on Page 4 of the Products Catalog, the page is originally long, I deleted the content on the bottom to the point that the scroll bar is not necessary.

    Are you familiar with this case? I didn't find a setting to reduce the size of the page, the rendition settings don't seem to help as they always show the same aspect ratio.

  4. Angelo S

    4 Nov 2022 Administrator
    Edited last year by Angelo S

    it's a feature, not a bug :)

  5. Deleted last year by Angelo S

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