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    Mon Feb 22 11:26:31 2021
    Angelo S posted in Text Box not saving content.

    Hello Carl,
    probably you are switching page with the text box still in editing mode (with the blinking cursor). Seems to be a bug, but in the meantime, be sure yo click out of the box before switching page, this will make it get out of the editing mode and save the changes.

  2. Mon Feb 22 11:23:22 2021

    Hello Dustin,
    seems to be a (new) Apple Books behavior... It seems that instead it does not show the menu if you click an inline link inside a text box, so you could fix it this way.

    You can add this code to Code → Project → Custom CSS to get rid of the link underline:

    a {
        text-decoration: none;
  3. Mon Feb 22 11:04:03 2021

    Hello Alex,
    sorry but this is a security measure from Google. You need to store and backup your keychain files safely, otherwise you will not be able to update the app on Google Play Store.
    What you can do is creating a brand new app on the store.

  4. Mon Feb 22 11:02:44 2021

    Ciao Michela,
    l'aggiornamento automatico di macOS riguarda solo le minor release, tu hai bisogno di un major upgrade (da 10.13 a 10.14, 10.15 o 11), che puoi scaricare dal Mac App Store cercando "macOS"

  5. Mon Feb 22 11:00:47 2021

    Hello Brad,
    first of all, this is a forum and you did NOT buy a Shelf, so you can't expect the same level of support of a user who bought a Shelf, which has a direct support channel with us.

    As for the "issue", that is how PubCoder works: when you place an asset on the stage, by default it never exceeds the size of the stage, of course you can resize it to the desired size after it is on stage. This is the better behavior for most users, since probably you will use images that are way bigger of the stage in pixels size, and it would be difficult to resize a very big image later than adjusting it. This is a proper UX design choice for us.

    About the "actual size" menu, that is for the page zoom, so it is doing what it should: setting the zoom to 100%.

  6. 4 weeks ago
    Sun Feb 7 10:37:43 2021
    Angelo S posted in XPUB on desktop / laptop?.

    Hello Dustin,
    you can go with Thorium or Adobe Digital Editions for EPUBs on Windows.

  7. 5 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 27 14:19:33 2021
    Angelo S posted in Hide widgets with image.

    There is an Hide Object action too. You can use it in another button object, or place it in one of the events of the quiz to hide it automatically when it is completed.

  8. Wed Jan 27 10:19:32 2021
    Angelo S posted in Hide widgets with image.

    Hello Pedro,
    you can mark the widget as "hidden" in the object inspector, the use a simple "Show Object" action to display it later.

  9. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 20 14:55:59 2021

    Salve Giulia,
    che reader sta utilizzando sul dispositivo? Qui trova una lista di reader compatibili:

  10. Wed Jan 20 14:55:41 2021

    this should work. Just be sure to copy/paste the entire textbox on the new page, so it will contain also the references (IDs) that are used the link the text with the SMIL

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