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    Wed Jul 1 09:59:55 2020
    Angelo S posted in Unable to install updates.

    Hello Cathy, please write to

  2. Tue Jun 30 15:36:35 2020

    Ciao Elisa,
    scrivici a allegando il tuo file di progetto

  3. Tue Jun 30 15:35:53 2020

    Hello John, please write an email to and send us your project file so that we can try to replicate your issue.

  4. Tue Jun 30 15:31:42 2020

    Hello Sheila,
    not sure I understand the problem, maybe it's better to write to and send the project file, since it's probably a very specific issue.

  5. Tue Jun 30 15:30:43 2020
    Angelo S posted in Unable to install updates.

    Hello Cathy,
    what operating system are you using?
    Anyway, if you have issues with automatic update, you can download the latest version also from

  6. Tue Jun 30 15:27:15 2020

    Hello James,
    this is the right section:
    to get the value of a counter object "obj6262", you can use pubcoder.getCounterValue($("#obj6262")) but I strongly suggest to read the entire document to understand how to proceed.

  7. Tue Jun 30 11:30:22 2020

    Hello Terry, please write to so we can get deeper into this and evaluate the development of a feature.

  8. Tue Jun 30 11:27:02 2020
    Angelo S posted in Import from Word and Pages.

    Thanks for you feedback Aldo. We are always evaluating new features.
    Just to understand, would it be ok to import a PDF as one high-res image per page in PubCoder, then you add layers of other objects and interactivity on top of it?

  9. Tue Jun 30 11:22:08 2020

    Hello Luke,
    there's no such generic functionality built into pubcoder, a part from the Coloring Game widgets, which can save the drawing automatically.
    But you can achieve this via Javascript using LocalStorage.

  10. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Jun 11 12:06:06 2020
    Angelo S posted in unable to change code editor.

    Hello Ewan, the external code editor is for opening code files (e.g. in library or exported), not code inside pubcoder pages, projects, or actions, which are always handled by the internal ACE code editor.

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