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  1. 2 hours ago
    Tue Feb 25 17:18:12 2020
    Angelo S posted in Mouse over event.

    Hello Manfred,
    A tap represents the action of the user touching the area with its finger and promptly lifting it up.
    The functionality that you're describing is not available in PubCoder without custom code.

  2. 7 hours ago
    Tue Feb 25 12:08:51 2020
    Angelo S posted in Pubreader on Google Playstore.

    Hello Phil,
    you can find the link in PubCoder itself (see attached screenshot), BUT it appears Google has temporarily removed it from the Store, I will get back to you as soon as it's online again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  3. 8 hours ago
    Tue Feb 25 11:45:48 2020
    Angelo S posted in Safari doesn't play video.

    Hello Manfred,
    we are a small company, we do our best to answer as soon as possible but we've to struggle between PubCoder, PubReader and Shelf development (macOS, Windows, iOS, Android), technical support, marketing, custom development, special projects and so on.

    If you like the software, you can help us spreading the word so we can grow as a company and hire more people! ;-)

    Also, we are happy to fix bugs and provide general support, but if you need us to help you with something specific to your project or write custom code for you, you will need to buy some consulting package from us. Please write to support if interested.

    Best Regards,

  4. Tue Feb 25 11:37:27 2020
    Angelo S posted in Mouse over event.

    Hello Manfred,
    this is a design problem. For example, you could use a button with actions that show and hide some "temporary" objects that highlight where the user can click...

  5. 5 days ago
    Thu Feb 20 17:06:54 2020
    Angelo S posted in Safari doesn't play video.

    Hello Manfred,
    the autoplay setting is in the project inspector, just below Show Navigation Controls option.

    As for the video issues, please send me your pubcoder project file here so I can have a look:

  6. last week
    Mon Feb 17 17:13:31 2020
    Angelo S posted in Pubcoder 3.6 and Android.

    Hello Mr Yalta,
    I played with your app for a full 15 minutes and we really cannot reproduce the issue.
    Also, it does not seem to be a generic problem, since none of our users reported this kind of problem.

    There's not a release planned to fix the problem since we cannot reproduce it. Sorry.

  7. Mon Feb 17 16:01:34 2020

    Ciao Fabio,
    credo che tu ti riferisca alla versione 3.7, comunque sì, in effetti abbiamo modificato il modo in cui viene applicato l'effetto fade e questo adesso ha la priorità sull'opacità dell'oggetto.
    Hai tre possibilità:

    1. Usare una durata del fade di 0 nell'azione mostra oggetto , questo disabilità l'animazione e quindi non altera l'opacità dell'oggetto, che resta quella iniziale
    2. Se parli di immagini, modificare le immagini in modo che siano semitrasparenti
    3. Tornare alla versione 3.6.4 di pubcoder, che trovi qui:
  8. Mon Feb 17 15:32:34 2020
    Angelo S posted in Safari doesn't play video.

    If you're speaking about Safari Mobile:

    1. It's probably an encoding problem; try to encode the video with Handbrake using an iOS profile
    2. You can use a Play Video action in the Show event
  9. Mon Feb 17 15:25:41 2020
    Angelo S posted in Disable navigation arrows.

    Hello Manfred,
    just turn off "Show navigation controls" in Project Settings.


  10. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Jan 23 11:04:05 2020

    hello sheila, what format are you using for the video? Please stick with MP4/H.264

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