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  1. 20 hours ago
    Wed Apr 17 10:18:50 2024
    Angelo S posted in Failed to build - Android.

    Hello Ran, try to reinstall pubcoder, it seems it's missing some files

  2. 5 days ago
    Fri Apr 12 11:08:08 2024
    Angelo S posted in Read Aloud on by default?.

    Hello Anastasia, not universally on every format or using default actions at the moment.
    If you need it in an HTML, XPUB, iOS or Android export, you can achieve this using a Run JavaScript action on a Load event with this code:

    XPUB.callAppMethod("StartReadAloud", []);
  3. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Mar 25 10:01:54 2024
    Angelo S posted in keyboard trigger and chromecast.

    The example project I gave you will start an action list on keypress, just place a "Go To Page" action in the action list.

  4. Fri Mar 22 10:14:14 2024
    Angelo S posted in keyboard trigger and chromecast.

    Hello Bob,
    yes you can bind keyboard events via javascript and ythen trigger, for example, "Run Action List" event on an action list. Here's an example of the code:
    I've made a small example project for you, here's the link to the live preview , here's the one to the pubcoder file , to see the above code, go to page 2 then click "Code" → "Page Code".

    As for the chromecast, if you put a video in the project we use the default video player so you should be able to.

    Best Regards,

  5. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Mar 18 17:48:37 2024

    Hello Craig,
    you should have access to it when exporting the project, you don't have access to it in the quick preview, since it is a feature of the xreaderjs web reader, and the quick preview does not use the web reader.
    Any way, the public js apis are in the pubcoder object but we cannot include info about renditions there, because the pubcoder object only includes functions and data shared by features available in every format using js, but not every format supports renditions in pubcoder (e.g. EPUB does not).

    What we could do is including info about the current language, for example in pubcoder.project.language, but frankly that's not in our roadmap at the moment.

    Another approach that you can take is using different project titles for the different renditions, get the current title using pubcoder.project.title and use that value to understand what language is active.

  6. Fri Mar 15 12:28:56 2024

    Hello Craig,
    you should be able to access rendition information using xreaderjs.rendition but beware that this (and actually anything inside xreader and xreaderjs objects) is internal code which could change in the future, breaking your code.

  7. Fri Mar 15 12:14:25 2024
    Angelo S posted in How to word wrap text box.

    not sure what you mean, please send an email to with a screenshot

  8. Fri Mar 15 12:13:25 2024
    Angelo S posted in Audio Stop.

    I don't know if it's possible to intercept minimization of the window in javascript, but in case you succeed, you can stop the soundtrack in javascript using XPUB.startSoundtrack or XPUB.stopSoundtrack

  9. Fri Mar 15 12:07:35 2024

    please just try to use MP3 audio files instead of WAV.

  10. Fri Mar 15 12:06:13 2024

    Hello Stephen,
    When pubcoder imports a pdf it imports it as images, as stated here , so it is not possible to add read aloud.
    The text you see is there only to allow text search in the file

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