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  1. 2 months ago
    Wed Sep 8 09:41:15 2021

    Hello Bred,
    instead of marking the text "Hidden", set the opacity to 0.3 or something similar. Then, instead of using a "Show object" action to show it, use action "Set Object CSS Style", using property=opacity and value=1

  2. Tue Sep 7 12:26:46 2021
    Angelo S posted in Counter Initial Value.


  3. Tue Sep 7 12:26:30 2021

    Hello Brad I believe you can use "opacity" for that.

  4. 3 months ago
    Mon Aug 23 11:53:18 2021

    Hello Carl, the "go to page" action is handled by the reader app. Some readers reload the page when you tell it to go to the current page, other don't.
    You should move everything back to the initial status yourself using actions instead of using this workaround.

  5. Mon Aug 23 11:50:00 2021

    That's correct. The preview is to preview the contents, you can always switch to the page you want here, but your final user will not be able to.

  6. Mon Aug 23 11:47:59 2021

    you can place "Interactive Areas" in front of elements that you don't want to be clickable, those will intercept clicks. Then you can hide them when you want underneath objects to be clickable again.

  7. Mon Aug 23 11:44:42 2021

    Hello Brett, Shelf has this:

  8. Mon Aug 23 11:40:51 2021
    Angelo S posted in Animation flickers.

    Hello Antonio, it seems to be a problem appeared with the latest versions of iOS and Firefox, we are working on it.

  9. Mon Aug 23 11:39:13 2021
    Angelo S posted in Memory Game doesn't hide.

    Yep, it's a bug. As a workaround, set the opacity of the memory game to 0, then use a "Set Object CSS Style" action to set opacity property to 1

  10. Mon Aug 23 11:23:01 2021
    Angelo S posted in hide object.

    ciao gianni, guarda questo thread

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