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    Tue Nov 10 10:56:58 2020
    Angelo S posted in Thumbnail Size.

    On the mac, better to use "The Unarchiver" free utility.
    Again, the "Analyze Project" feature analyzes the project file, it has nothing to do with the exports. In the export, images are recompressed and sometimes rendered multiple times, e.g. when using the same image with different sizes. Usually the export is smaller than the project file but, again, you have to expand the EPUB to see what's actually taking up space.

  2. Mon Nov 9 19:20:11 2020
    Angelo S posted in Epub Validation Failed.

    Hello Hollis,
    it's not the pubcoder file that fails to validate, it's the epubcheck program on its own that fails to execute because of a Java incompatibility. Please install JDK 7 or later.

  3. Mon Nov 9 19:02:40 2020
    Angelo S posted in google play license key.

    you can find more information about this on our PubCoder documentation and Google support

  4. Mon Nov 9 19:00:30 2020

    Ciao Michele, il problema dei "fondi bianchi dei riquadri di testo" non ci è chiaro, scrivici su così puoi inviarci uno screenshot

  5. Mon Nov 9 18:58:29 2020

    Hello Aldo,
    no way to export a whole scrolling page as a PDF: It's a fixed layout, the page size is actually 1024x769, scrollable content is just like interactivity.
    Anyway, the File → Print menu command from the Quick Preview actually creates a PDF with a snapshot of currently visible contents. So you could save multiple PDFs then bind them with Adobe Acrobat or some other utility. Of course that's not optimal, but that's what we have.

    Best Regards,

  6. Mon Nov 9 18:49:07 2020
    Angelo S posted in Thumbnail Size.

    Hello Kathryn,
    I believe you are speaking about stats in the "Analyze Project" window. Those stats refer to the project file itself, not the exports. When you export the project in EPUB, no page thumbnails are actually included.

    If you are curious about what is taking space inside your EPUB file, remember that an EPUB file is actually a ZIP file structured in a certain way, so you can change the extension of your EPUB file to .zip and expand it with your favorite unarchive utility, to see what's actually inside and what's taking up space.

    Best Regards,

  7. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Nov 3 19:08:58 2020
    Angelo S posted in Image caption.

    Hello Aldo,
    just write to support and we will try to understand and evaluate the best solution for your needs.

    Best Regards,

  8. Tue Nov 3 19:06:13 2020

    Buongiorno Michele,
    come indicato nella documentazione, il formato KF8 non supporta immagini con alpha channel.
    Per quanto riguarda la doppia pagina, basta disabilitare l'opzione "Single Page" nell'inspector del progetto:

  9. Tue Nov 3 18:58:52 2020
    Angelo S posted in Using Language Renditions.

    Hello Ian, not sure if I understand correctly, but maybe you are using quick preview, which uses your currently selected rendition. To correctly see the final result of a multiple renditions file, please send the file to PubReader, you should be able to see all of your languages renditions here and switch the language.

  10. Tue Nov 3 18:39:22 2020

    Buongiorno Valentina,
    siamo a conoscenza di un problema sul Pan & Zoom che si verifica sia su Android che su iOS 14, ma purtroppo in questo momento non riusciamo a risolverlo in tempi brevi.
    Se sei interessata, puoi acquistare delle ore di supporto tecnico prioritario per velocizzare il bugfix, se interessata scrivici su; altrimenti, dovrai aspettare che risolviamo il problema secondo la nostra roadmap... purtroppo in questo momento abbiamo altre priorità e ci vorrà un po'...

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