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  1. 4 days ago
    Mon Jan 30 12:34:31 2023
    Angelo S posted in Pubcoder not loading.

    Hello everyone, we just released PubCoder 4.3.3 which fixes the problem that prevented PubCoder (4.3.2) from completing startup on macOS 10.5.x Catalina and macOS 11.x Big Sur.
    You download it from our download page at

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if everything works as expected now.

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 4 12:21:27 2023
    Angelo S posted in Pubcoder not loading.

    what version of macOS are you using?
    Do you at least see the pubcoder menubar? Is PubCoder responding or the app is not responding?
    Can you send a screenshot with pubcoder running in front with the mouse cursor over the menubar?

    Some days ago we updated some certificates on our servers, so maybe it's just a temporary connection issue? For the vast majority of our users the latest version seem to work without any problems, but still we're investigating the issue.

    In the meanwhile, you can download the older version of pubcoder here:

  3. Wed Jan 4 12:11:32 2023
    Angelo S posted in Clone Object.

    here it is again

  4. Wed Jan 4 12:10:15 2023
    Angelo S posted in Embedding a Webapp in wordpress.

    Hello Carlos,
    usually the "public_html" directory name is not included in the URL, in fact if you go to the file is there but it downloads a .zip file, you should be able to get to the contents at leasting pointing directly to the index.html file but it says the file does not exist. So I assumed you uploaded a zip archive instead of the entire folder. How did you upload the folder? Using a FTP client or some file manager on your webserver? Maybe the file manager uploader is compressing the folder on its own...

    Best Regards,

  5. 6 weeks ago
    Thu Dec 22 11:10:23 2022

    Sorry Javier,
    there's no such option at the moment, but this seems reasonable and will add this to the roadmap. I can't promise or tell you any timing though...

  6. Thu Dec 22 11:09:12 2022
    Angelo S posted in Selling / Payments.

    The Shelf is an app that we will publish on your own Apple App Store and Google Play channels, that you will need to open. You will directly get paid by apple and google, we don't take any royalties, only the setup and yearly hosting / manteinance. More info here

    Anyway, you don't need Shelf to sell books built using PubCoder. You can publish as a single app and publish on Apple App Store and Google Play, or export an EPUB and publish it on Apple Books or Google Play Books or Kobo store or any other book stores that support EPUB3 fixed layout format.

    Or, you could distribute the EPUB file yourself on your website and get paid using Gumroad or similar services...

  7. Thu Dec 22 11:05:38 2022

    I don't think Google Play Books supports EPUB3 read aloud. Nothing we can do about this...

  8. Thu Dec 22 11:02:56 2022

    Hello, please write to and attach your pubcoder project file so we can try to reproduce the issue

  9. 2 months ago
    Tue Nov 15 11:47:00 2022
    Angelo S posted in Chorus.

    Hello Kevin, sorry but this is still not clear to me, can you explain what you want to achieve? are you talking about the authoring or the user/reader playback?

  10. Tue Nov 15 09:54:53 2022
    Angelo S posted in Chorus.

    Hello Kevin, not sure what you mean

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