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    Wed Jun 9 13:28:21 2021
    Angelo S posted in Ongoing Text Issues.

    Hello Cathy,
    this is a bit vague, can you send a video of the issue?

  2. Wed Jun 9 13:27:08 2021
    Angelo S posted in dimensioni ideali immagini.

    Ciao Annamaria,
    dipende da diversi fattori, ad esempio qual è il dispositivo di riferimento. In generale 1920x1080 è un buon punto di partenza, da moltiplicare per due o tre se si vuole una migliore visualizzazioni sui dispositivi che supportano la visualizzazione retina o super retina

  3. Wed Jun 9 13:24:48 2021
    Angelo S posted in Read Aloud - Default x CSS.
  4. Wed Jun 9 13:21:28 2021

    Hello Van,
    what format are you talking about? In XPUB, HTML or iOS/Android app export you have an action to "show app menu", which shows the reader UI including the TOC button. There's not an option to show the Table of contents directly.

  5. Wed Jun 9 13:19:16 2021
    Angelo S posted in License issue.

    You should write to about this. If you bought a multiseat license, probably there's something wrong with your setup (e.g. using the wrong account name). Please write to support with more details and we will fix the issue together

  6. Wed Jun 9 13:17:29 2021
    Angelo S posted in Sharing on social media.

    We have removed this feature in PubCoder 4 since it was limited to certain services and users prefer to handle this on their own.

    As an alternative, you can easily use ShareThis or similar services and embed the sharing code in-page. Using ShareThis in PubCoder is a two-step process: simply paste the buttons code in a Smart Object:

    <div class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons" data-url="" data-title="Sharing is great!"></div>

    and import the ShareThis library in Code → Project → HTML Head:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=";product=inline-share-buttons" async="async"></script>

    Be sure to change the property value with the one for your own sharethis account.

    Here's an example project for this:

  7. 2 weeks ago
    Sat May 29 08:55:01 2021
    Angelo S posted in Urgent Help! App sizes.

    Here’s a useful tool to get display sizes

  8. Thu May 27 17:50:07 2021
    Angelo S posted in Quiz.

    1 - You can use the events of the quiz to hide the the quiz when checked or edited to hide the quiz and show your "perfect" message using other objects
    2 - Nope, sorry

  9. Thu May 27 17:36:38 2021

    Hello Ian,
    it will work when exported to HTML or XPUB, it is a problem only in the preview.
    In 4.0, we updated to use a new WebView engine in the stage and preview (WKWebView) which has some security limitations when dealing with iframes and not running on a web server.

  10. Thu May 27 17:30:20 2021
    Angelo S posted in Urgent Help! App sizes.

    Apple is switching from Intel processors to their own Apple chips. The new version of pubcoder is optimized for both.

    To build or test iOS apps you need a Mac, the tools required are not available on windows.

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