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    Tue May 26 12:51:45 2020
    Angelo S posted in Best wishes to Italy.

    ❤️ thanks. We're all safe, still working from home here. Hope you are well too, since the situation has worsened in the USA and all over the world during the last few months...

  2. Tue May 26 12:46:37 2020
    Angelo S posted in URL distinti desktop/mobile.

    Ciao Corrado,
    non hai bisogno di fare più esportazioni, ma una sola con declinazioni multiple. Qui trovi tutte le info:

  3. Tue May 26 12:45:21 2020
    Angelo S posted in Radio buttons not working.

    Hello Graeme,
    thanks for reporting this, I'm looking into it and the will get back to you.

  4. Tue May 26 12:33:25 2020
    Angelo S posted in Pubcoder's stopped working.

    Hello Evelina,
    You can download pubcoder from our website:
    No need to manually delete the previous version before: if you are on a Mac, just drag the PubCoder application icon on your Applications folder to replace the previous one; if you are using Windows, just run the installer.

  5. Tue May 26 12:30:22 2020
    Angelo S posted in Images in Quiz Widget.

    Sorry Brian, that's in the roadmap but it's still not possible at the moment.

  6. Tue May 26 12:27:06 2020

    Probably that has to do with the TouchSwipe library itself:
    If you create a new project in PubCoder and use the built-in events, does it work? If so, you got the answer.
    Have you tried to send the preview to Safari or Chrome instead of using the internal Quick Preview?

  7. Tue May 26 12:24:05 2020
    Angelo S posted in Mirror Image.

    You can do this with one line of CSS: just select your image and write the following in the CSS Styles property in the Selection Inspector: transform: scaleX(-1);


  8. 3 hours ago
    Tue May 26 12:10:09 2020
    Angelo S posted in KF8 .

    Buongiorno Massimo, se hai aggiornato a macOS 10.15 Catalina, purtroppo è un problema noto:

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Apr 28 13:05:54 2020

    Hello Lisa,
    the latest update in PubReader drops support to the oldest XPUB 1.0 format.
    Please open your project, verify that "XPUB Version" is set to 2.0 in Settings → XPUB (it should have been switched automatically) then export your project again.


  10. Tue Apr 28 12:59:49 2020
    Angelo S posted in ERROR ITMS-90179.

    Hello, we have a fix for this and will release the update later today, in the meantime, you can try it from this beta version:
    Please tell me if this actually fixes the problem.

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