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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Oct 21 11:16:25 2019

    Apple posted a new app called "Transporter" that replaces Application Loader for the task of uploading apps to the App Store.
    You can download it from the Mac App Store:

  2. 6 weeks ago
    Fri Oct 11 11:12:57 2019
    Angelo S posted in Language Show ITA available.

    Hello, what version of PubCoder are you using?

  3. Tue Oct 8 11:04:02 2019

    Hello John,
    seems like you have to use a shell command:

    xcrun altool --upload-app --type ios --file "path/to/application.ipa" --username "YOUR_ITMC_USER" --password "YOUR_ITMC_PASSWORD"

    Also note that "YOUR_ITMC_PASSWORD" is NOT your Apple ID password, but an application-specific password generated from

    Of course we're actually studying a solution for making it simpler in an upcoming update of PubCoder.

  4. 2 months ago
    Wed Sep 18 10:49:15 2019
    Angelo S posted in Android App Bundles?.

    That is not something that you can "convert" your app too. Support for app bundles has to be bundled with PubCoder, but that's not the case at the moment.
    Anyway, that's not a big issue, since the app executable exported by PubCoder is tiny enough.

  5. Wed Sep 18 10:47:00 2019


  6. Wed Sep 18 10:34:16 2019
    Angelo S posted in Great update 3.6.2 (1028).

    You're welcome, Andy :)

  7. Mon Sep 2 18:16:06 2019

    Hello John,
    it happens that Apple updates their requirements :)
    We are working on this, but at the moment it is only a warning and will not prevent you from submitting the app to the app store.

  8. Mon Sep 2 18:14:00 2019
    Angelo S posted in Mouse over event.

    There's not a mouse over event, since we try to use events that are always available on mobile devices.
    Anyway, you can use CSS classes to obtain the same effect.

  9. Mon Sep 2 16:40:36 2019

    Hello Phil,
    I would not call them problems, but changes. The new Android app now shares the same codebase of the iOS app, so while the previous one had a completely different UI and behavior, the new one shares the same UI of the iOS one. So:

    1. Activity indicator while loading page is gone from the Android app (has never been there for iOS). Maybe we can add it as a preference
    2. Read aloud icon is now shown when there is read aloud on at least one page of the project, since turning it on or off is a project-wide user setting, and not depending on the page.
    3. I'm not really sure it wasn't like this before, but for sure it is like this now: we use what is called "Immersive Mode", like games apps or video players and many other apps: you can show the android action bar swiping up from the bottom of the screen.


  10. Mon Sep 2 15:23:46 2019

    Hi Lisa,
    it seems that your question contains the answer! :)
    Just use an iframe inside a smart object!

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