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    Wed Jan 8 12:05:59 2020

    Hello Manfred,
    in the Scale action, change "Origin" property to "Custom", then insert your custom point (in percentage) using properties "Origin X" and "Origin Y".

    The scale action is not previewed on stage at the moment, so you will have to do some trial and error to place buttons correctly on top of the scaled image

  2. Wed Jan 8 12:02:59 2020

    Hello Robert,
    I'm not actually sure to understand the procedure you're following, but to disable read aloud in a page, just go to the page inspector and disable "Enable Read Aloud", then click "OK" in the window that asks if you want to cleanup, as shown in the image below.


    Don't worry if the audio files are still there after that, you can safely remove them from your project but, anyway, they won't be included in the export if they're not used.

  3. Wed Jan 8 11:57:34 2020

    Hello Robert,
    this feature is not present at the moment, you will need to export PDFs for each page and the merge them using an external software.

  4. Wed Jan 8 11:56:07 2020
    Angelo S posted in Problem exporting an Android.

    Please try to uninstall and reinstall the software and restart your computer, let me know if the problem persists.
    What platform are you working on? Windows or Mac?

  5. Wed Jan 8 11:55:05 2020
    Angelo S posted in Hide Scrollbar.

    For which formats/devices are you exporting, you may need to add multiple CSS selectors to disable the scrollbars on the various platforms/browser. Just google it.

  6. Wed Jan 8 11:53:33 2020
    Angelo S posted in Flickering on new page.

    Hello Brigette, that's not an issue, PubCoder displays a pre-rendered thumbnail of a page while it is still loading.

  7. Wed Jan 8 11:51:12 2020
    Angelo S posted in Android Update Vulnerability.

    Hello Milena, that's not something you should worry about.
    Anyway, we will release an update soon to fix this warning message.

    Best Regards,

  8. 5 weeks ago
    Mon Dec 16 15:20:55 2019
    Angelo S posted in Pubcoder 3.6 and Android.

    Hello Esteban,
    please drop an email to our support channel at and upload your pubcoder project file here so we can try it out:

  9. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Dec 3 12:44:36 2019
    Angelo S posted in Input Text Trigger Action.

    Hello Alexandro, you will need some javascript code to do this.
    You can code it on your own, or we can offer consulting service for this kind of stuff: contact our sales staff at if interested.

  10. Tue Dec 3 12:41:32 2019

    Please make sure you created code signing identity for "iOS Distribution", as in the picture below. "Apple Distribution" certificates do not work with PubCoder and other third-party tools.

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