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    Mon Sep 2 18:16:06 2019

    Hello John,
    it happens that Apple updates their requirements :)
    We are working on this, but at the moment it is only a warning and will not prevent you from submitting the app to the app store.

  2. Mon Sep 2 18:14:00 2019
    Angelo S posted in Mouse over event.

    There's not a mouse over event, since we try to use events that are always available on mobile devices.
    Anyway, you can use CSS classes to obtain the same effect.

  3. Mon Sep 2 16:40:36 2019

    Hello Phil,
    I would not call them problems, but changes. The new Android app now shares the same codebase of the iOS app, so while the previous one had a completely different UI and behavior, the new one shares the same UI of the iOS one. So:

    1. Activity indicator while loading page is gone from the Android app (has never been there for iOS). Maybe we can add it as a preference
    2. Read aloud icon is now shown when there is read aloud on at least one page of the project, since turning it on or off is a project-wide user setting, and not depending on the page.
    3. I'm not really sure it wasn't like this before, but for sure it is like this now: we use what is called "Immersive Mode", like games apps or video players and many other apps: you can show the android action bar swiping up from the bottom of the screen.


  4. Mon Sep 2 15:23:46 2019

    Hi Lisa,
    it seems that your question contains the answer! :)
    Just use an iframe inside a smart object!

  5. 8 weeks ago
    Thu Jul 18 12:00:49 2019

    Hello Julyanna, PubCoder 3.6.1 fixes these issues. Thanks for reporting!

  6. 2 months ago
    Tue Jul 16 10:46:57 2019

    Hello Julyanna, seems to be a problem with PubCoder and/or google fonts / the noun project. Will look into this.

  7. Tue Jul 16 10:44:59 2019
    Angelo S posted in Wrong languages in App Store.

    hello john, will look into this

  8. Wed Jun 26 09:53:12 2019

    Hello John, PubCoder 3.5.5, released yesterday, should fix this issue.
    Please let me know is local storage works correctly when generating your app with the latest update of PubCoder.

  9. Wed Jun 26 09:50:24 2019
    Angelo S posted in Android minimum version.

    Hello Esteban,
    PubCoder-built apps run on Android 4.4 or later. At the moment, there's no way to modify the minimum Android requirement.

  10. Wed Jun 26 09:48:49 2019

    Hello Axel,
    take a look at how the audio object itself is exported in pubcoder:

    Just replace the value of the src attribute with the URL to your remote audio file and put the code inside a smart object.

    Best Regards,

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