First Book - NEED HELP

  1. last year


    I am trying to create an epub that I can launch on Amazon.

    I have tried everything from saving the indesign file to Epub, to PDF with spreads, PDF no spreads, JPG, PNG you name it. Everything looks horrible.

    All I want is to take my book and have it to where if the reader is looking at it and the device is a mobile, or tablet held horizontally it will show page by page. If held in landscape... it will show spreads.

    On desktop it will only show spreads

    I have tried with spreads you can see all of it but then its size is super small in horizontal format.

    I would also like to have the option to add or have the page flip animation like this.

  2. Angelo S

    28 Feb 2023 Administrator

    Hello Ramon,
    Display options depend on the reader app. Most EPUB readers will display double pages in landscape automatically, when using portrait (vertical) page formats, but other don't. Same for the page flipping effect


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