Different languages

  1. last year

    Hello, I have a question if it is possible to do it. If I create a new ebook in Pubcoder and I want to set different languages ex. IT, EN, GE, but i don't want to use redinations as the Epub file dosent read it. Is there a way?

    Is it possible if I create different projects for different languages and then I can connect them with a button, so if I click IT, it will open IT version, if I click EN it will open EN version.

    Or can it be done by chapter? Is it possible that the chapter can be accessed only from a button, so i click button IT, it will go to chapter IT, but after the chapter finishes, the book finishes too not going to the next chapter.

  2. Angelo S

    13 Mar 2023 Administrator

    You could do it by chapter, but you would always see all of the pages on the reader


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