html5 export for childrens

  1. 5 weeks ago

    Hi, how can a project be exported to html5 and accessed locally without internet. Example, if a project for children is created, and i want to put it in a computer without internet so it can be opend by the browser but locally. The computer will not have internet for childrens.

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    Riccardo G 6

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    Hello Arsen,

    as indicated here Docs
    Due to browser security policies, all files must be installed behind a webserver of any kind (Apache, IIS, nginx, etc.) for publishing to work. It will not work locally on your computer from a file:// URL.

    You will have to export the project to Epub3 to be able to use it offline in a reader (e.g. iBooks or Thorium Reader).

    The PubCoder Team


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