Webapp html5 really slow

  1. 3 months ago

    Hello everybody,

    I'm currently evaluating Pubcoder and maybe I'm missing something, so any pointers in the right direction are welcome.

    I'm creating a simple catalogue with some Jpeg/png with effects "fade in", and some small videos too with same effect of fade in.

    Local preview is ok, but when I upload the webapp online (html5 export) the experience is very slow.

    I keep having loading icon that breaks the user experience when moving between pages. Even if it's just 3-4 pages. -image-
    It also happens when going back to a previously loaded page. I tried on different servers, checking on different devices (iOS, android, Chrome, Edge, Safari on both Windows and Mac) and it's always there.
    It seems there is no force preload of all elements but maybe I'm missing it somewhere.

    The background images are 1080p size, with videos and pics with animation fade on way lower resolution, all is web optimized and compressed.

    Anyone has any input on this?

  2. Angelo S

    Feb 12 Administrator

    Yep, there's no "preload". PubCoder is optimized for books that can have hundreds of pages so preloading every asset would not work. Maybe you could try to optimize your images, take a look here: https://docs.pubcoder.com/pubcoder_troubleshooting_image_opt.html


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