Switching languages

  1. 3 months ago
    Edited 3 months ago by Ran C

    My app supports two languages - English and Hebrew, using different renditions.
    In the Project settings, I selected XPub, and:
    Page format: 16x9
    Orientations: Landscape
    Localization: English (with star) and Hebrew (both are selected)

    I exported using: Android, All Pages, Wi-Fi.
    The app runs
    I have a button in the first page that triggers "Open Localizations Menu"
    Still, when I export and open the app to my Android phone, the only option is English.
    What am I missing?

  2. Angelo S

    Apr 18 Administrator

    Hello Ran,
    I believe you setup everything correctly on XPUB, but since you are exporting for Android you must apply the same settings to the Android tab in the Project Setting window.

  3. Works Perfect, thanks!!!


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