Bi-lingual book, can hear only one language

  1. 2 months ago

    My book supports English and Hebrew. Opening page has a language selection button, triggering the "Open localization menu".
    Everything works perfect on the computer (all renditions - different resolutions x both languages), but when I export to Android (all languages), I can see that the rendition is correct, but I can't hear the Hebrew voice over files. The mp3 Audio files in the Hebrew rendition are simply ignored!

  2. Update, after more testing:
    If I export (Android>All pages>Wi-Fi) with Hebrew only, it works fine, I can hear the voiceover.
    If I add the English Rendition, that's it - no Hebrew. I can hear only the English voiceover, even when I play back/forth with the languages.

  3. Angelo S

    May 10 Administrator

    Yep it's a bug which only affects the Windows version of PubCoder, should have fixed it in this beta release, please confirm:

  4. Working now, thanks!


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