.wav files no longer playing in PubReader

  1. 8 weeks ago

    Recently downloaded the latest version of "PubReader app" for some content testing and discovered that .wav audio files are not playing in my exported project.

    I had these files set up to play after a double tap on a button that would trigger a switch text and play audio file. When I replace the .wav with MP3 format all seems to work in the PubReader app

    The wav format works fine when I preview the project in Pubcoder on the desktop.

    Is this a bug or expected?

    Kind regards,

    Pubcoder 5.0.5

  2. 7 weeks ago

    Angelo S

    May 27 Administrator

    for compatibility reasons among platforms, formats and browsers, we suggest to always use MP3: https://docs.pubcoder.com/pubcoder-audio-object.html

  3. Thanks Angelo


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