Can't "Select Version to Test" in iTunesConnect

  1. 8 years ago

    This is probably an Apple thing, but maybe some Pubcoder users have experienced the same?
    I have published from Pubcoder as an iOS app. Now I am trying to give beta testers access to the app via Apple's TestFlight.
    But in iTunesConnect I can't "Select Version to Test" since the options are greyed out.
    The app's activity status in iTunesConnect says "Missing Beta Entitlement" - but according to Apple's documentation that is not required for "Internal Testers".
    Have anyone succeeded with getting a Pubcoder app to Test Flight?

  2. This is a follow up on my previous post.
    I just had a reply from Apple saying (I told them I am using Pubcoder):

    "From reviewing your case, it looks like you were wanting to use TestFlight, but the beta entitlement was missing for your builds.
    This is referring to the app's embedded provisioning profile. Since you used a 3rd party API, this is most likely why this entitlement is missing. As you already may know, we can only support Apple’s API Xcode."

    Does this really means that an iOS app published from Pubcoder can't be used in Apple's TestFlight?

  3. Paolo A

    27 Jan 2016 Administrator

    Hi John, not yet at the moment, working on this. Will keep you updated.

  4. Hi Paolo, thanks for your reply - good to know.


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