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    So this is my second eBook that I'm gonna make using PubCoder. This time, I've decided to consider multiple devices and also include multiple languages rather than just having an English eBook designed for just an iPad.

    Reading through the conversations here, I got a sense of how Workspaces and Localization works in PubCoder, but I still have some doubts.

    By reading the "Workspace Selection Per Device" topic in this forum, I learned that when I publish an eBook which has more than one workspace, the final EPUB file will contain all the workspaces. Depending on what device it has been downloaded on, it will load the closest workstation that matches to the device.

    However, to make sure, I made a file with two workspaces and two languages to test the result. Surprisingly, I found that whatever workspace and language that is active at the time of publishing, that specific workspace will be in the final file. Is that supposed to be as it is?

    If not, should I publish one file per workspace, per language for delivery, and leaving it up to the user to download the version that matches to their device?

    Two things that might be related to my current question:

    1- What does the "Package" tab in the "Project Settings" window do? I thought it might be my solution, but no matter how many workspaces I have in my file (even with one workspace), when I click on the "Package" button, it says "Including multiple workspaces in one single package is not supported in EPUB 3 format.

    2- Assuming that we can include multiple workspaces in one single epub file, then why the "Open Localization Menu" action gives me an error when trying to publish the book? I made a button to see if I can switch between multiple languages and it gives me this error when trying to output the ePub:
    "Open Localization Menu: Action is not supported on this format"

    Appreciate your helps

  2. Epub does not support a multiple language format. Only IOS and Android. Localization is published individually.
    Localization in App format for IOS and Android are downloaded automatically based upon the setting of the individuals devise. I'm not sure if you can menu localization. Although that would be nice.
    Open Localization Menu, is for Apps, IOS and Android. I hope this is helpful.

  3. Thanks Carlton,

    Yeah, by going through the Documentations, I got a sense of it, but your answer cleared that up.

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