Hidden objects showing breifly on load

  1. 5 years ago

    Pubcoder is great I am just starting to explore fully. Making an interactive app/book for youngsters on Van Gogh.
    On pages with few "Load -Hidden" objects it's fine - but as I "hide" more they start to show for a split second on opening the page.

    Is there a way of preventing this please the "hidden objects " DO disappear quickly - BUT the initial sight for the enduser is just a mass of overlapping images... not good.

    My overall working file of pubcoder is 214 meg - the published version is 163meg.

  2. Sheila, try adding a "White Rectangle" over the top of the entire page. Make sure it is on the top level. Set it to "Load", action "Hide Object". In the hide object field set the "Fade Duration" to .01secs. If that works out for you on this page you can set it for the whole book using the "Overlay Panel"
    This will give you a flash of white rather than a page load jump.


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