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    Regarding thumbnails - I see that you can change the image that appears when thumbnails pop up in an app:

    – Pages Thumbnail Mask: the Table of Contents Menu is a Scrollview at the bottom of screen with a print screen of the page as thumbnail of the page. You can customize its aspect by inserting here your preferred image as mask.

    But is it possible to remove the thumbnails altogether? We're finding that when you try to interact with the page, any errant tap is bringing up the thumbnail overlay instead of just remaining on the page.

    Thank you!

  2. Kate, you can remove the thumbnails only in the apps, not in epub. In the App General settings in Appearance & Behavior deselect which behavior you don't want to happen. I deselect them all in my apps.
    Hope this is helpful.

  3. Hi Carlton,

    I am making an app - and it turns out I need to have one more thing deselected (or I had the wrong thing deselected to begin with - if anyone else had the same issue, it's the "Touch to Open App Menu", not (just) Pages Thumbnails with Page Number)! Thank you so much for your help, this worked perfectly.


  4. Pleasure, glad I could help.

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  6. If you're in Pubcoder 3 go to (Renditions - Project - Appearance and Behavior - Then deselect Pages - Swipe - Touch) That will do it.
    If you're in Pubcoder 2 go to (Project Settings - General - And Uncheck (Pages Thumbnails, Swipe, Pinch ,Touch to Open). That will do it.
    Remember this only works for App. It will not work in Epub3.


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