Importing indd files

  1. 8 years ago


    May I ask for help in importing InDesign files?

    When I click on the Import button a dialog box appears and says that there is an error. The document is saved in Adobe InDesign CC format, and is 8 pages long (it also has a lot of images). Here is a screenshot of the error that appears.


    Thanks in advance,

  2. P.S.

    I was continuously testing this, and maybe the issue is my version of Adobe InDesign.

    When I tried importing a new InDesign file today, a dialog box pops up and says that I need InDesign CS6 or later to import a file (I have a trial InDesign CC and licensed InDesign CS5.5 installed in my computer). I tried closing Pubcoder and then opening InDesign CC; when I tried importing files again the dialog box asking for InDesign CS6 or later did not appear anymore. However, the above error (in the screenshot) still appeared and so I was not able to import my .indd file.

  3. Giancarlo N

    24 Aug 2015 Administrator

    Hello Janelle,
    Adobe inDesing CS6+ is a requirements to import indd projects, therefore it will never work with inDesign CS5.5.
    Anyway, could you please try again using a pc with only inDesign CC trial installed?

  4. Hi Giancarlo,

    I have tried importing the document from the same PC and it worked. It just took a long time, though. Do you have any tests regarding importing InDesign files? How long does a 24-page file usually take? (This is a text-heavy and image-heavy file)


  5. Giancarlo N

    27 Aug 2015 Administrator

    Hi Janelle,
    actually it closely depends on the input project and your pc performance, but since it is an heavy process it usually takes a long time.

  6. I see. Thanks for the reply, Giancarlo.


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