Video has playback controls even though they are unchecked

  1. 6 years ago


    I want to play the video with no controls shown (like page 7 & 8 of example project), but although I unchecked the playable controls in the video options, it still has the controls on it

    when I check or uncheck that options it doesn't make a difference as in the preview, the video has the controls

    The video in the example project doesn't have the controls, but even when I copy it and paste it to my project, and then preview it, it has the controls

    Can you help me with this problem?

  2. Paolo A

    1 Dec 2016 Administrator

    On which output does this happen - EPUB3, native app iOS Android, or HTML?

  3. On android...

  4. Hi Mohamed,
    there is a bug on the android output.
    We will deal to the issue in the next updates.

    All the best,

  5. Angelo S

    21 Dec 2016 Administrator

    Hello Mohamed,
    this should be fixed in PubCoder 2.4.5, can you confirm it please?

  6. Hello Angelo,

    Yes, I tried it and it was fixed, thank you for the support


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