File sizes .api .apk and slow page load android

  1. 6 years ago

    I have the same project doubling in size when saving as .apk (for android), is there any way to fix it something the Pubcoder team is already working on?

    The android version (iOS is default) is slow when opening/loading each and all of the project pages (it's an interactive story), the page appears but it's STILL and I get the equivalent of the iOS beachball for a couple of seconds, then a quick white page flash before the actual page is loaded and action starts.
    I'm testing on ASUS zenpad and Samsung phone, the problem is the same on both devices.

    Is anybody else having these problems?

    One more important issue:
    I like Pubcoder, it's fun to work with, thank you for your hard work.

    Grateful for any help!

  2. Edited 6 years ago by Beldean C

    Hello Melina,

    Just want to share that we have the same problem with our Apps, both on Android and iOS. Of course it also depends a lot on the device used, Ipad 2 vs Ipad Air 3 , or an Samsung S3 vs Samsung S7 , however even if we tested on latest technology and premium devices it still give us 2sec loading time.

    Each page in our app has around 20-30 buttons, simply because each word is a button and when touched you need to hear a sound and the word being spelled. I think it takes this long because there is no actual preloader for previous and next page. Will be nice if there will be an option to setup a preloader for previous and next page and empty cache function.

    Our 2 books are at:


    If somebody from PubCoder wants to test & see the source, we're open to share it.

    Looking forward to see an update on this.

  3. Hi Beldean,

    Thanks for sharing.
    As for me, I do not have this (2-3 sec loading time and white page flash) problem with iOS (testing on iPad Air/iPhone 6). I have it with android devices only.

    Also looking forward to an update on this!


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