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  1. 5 years ago


    I am formatting my new books using Pubcoder 3 and noticed that now the thumbnail pages appear across the botton in the android version as well as the apple version. Is there a way to turn off the thumbnails at the bottom of the page?

    When I asked before I was told it was an apple thing. Now that it also appears in the android version I think there should be a way to have Pubcoder turn off that feature. I have my "read aloud" text at the bottom of my pages and these thumbnails interfere.

    Any suggestions?

    Can we turn these off so them don't appear in our books?



  2. Anna S 2

    15 Sep 2017 Moderator

    Hi Cristine,

    you can turn off the thumbnails from project panel, turning off the voice "Touch to open App Menù".


  3. Anna, okay I'm in Pubcoder 3, Project Settings for Android App and find no such things as: project panel, turning off the voice "Touch to open App Menù"
    Can you clarify, please.
    Thank you.

  4. on the far top right (project/page/etc)
    under project /project inspector
    under pinch to zoom

  5. Thank you, Milena, I had no idea they moved it there. It would be helpful if they sent a readme file with the updates.

  6. Thank you too Carlton, I've often read your posts/comments and they've been of help to me :)


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