Jumping after page load

  1. 5 years ago

    When exporting a HTML file Pubcoder creates a "loading.jpg" for each page, including all the content, for the swipe animation. When switching to the "real" content (after 1 sec loading) there is a little jump especially in the text visible.
    Is there a way to avoid this procedure and avoid this "jumping"??

    I've tried this on different browsers and even exported this as xbup via wifi on a tablet (pubreader). Always the same issue...

    Do you have any suggestions??
    Is this way of exporting only as HTML or could I use iOS/Android to avoid this?


  2. Paolo A

    10 Sep 2018 Administrator

    This is how we conceived the general UX of our outputs (HTML and native apps): a "screenshot" version of the image is in place until the content is loaded. We will evaluate the possibility to have this as an option for future releases.


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