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  1. 7 years ago

    Good Morning,

    I congratulate you for your work. After much searching is the best there is, but unfortunately I do not have a Mac, for now.

    I tried to put on a page a link to a website and works well when I power "Open in browser" But if I want to open inside the app, the image of the web page appears a second and then disappears.

    I'm using the Windows version. This occurs in Mac too?

    Thank you so much

  2. Giancarlo N

    8 Oct 2015 Administrator
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    Hello Joaquin,
    we found a bug affecting the opening external links not starting with "http" inside the android app.
    Next PubCoder version will be fixed.
    In the meanwhile, could you please try with links starting with "http"?
    for example as replacement of
    Please let me know if it works, thank you.

  3. Hi Giancarlo

    I'm using the Windows version and I do testing on my desktop computer.

    In addition I have to put http, also I have to be careful not to put https, it is still not working.

    All this that is if I do a preview of the page and speaking always does work when applied "Open in Browser"

    If I make a preview of all pages and start on the page that contains the problem can not be seen more pages. If, prior to the order of what I do from another page when I get to page troubled controls to turn pages disappear everywhere. In addition most of the controls on the top of the window ¿?

  4. Giancarlo N

    9 Oct 2015 Administrator

    Hello Joaquin,
    actually using the http prefix I am not facing the same problem.
    Are you using the latest windows beta?
    Could you please send me a pubcoder project with a test case in order to deep investigate on it? You could send me a private message with dropbox wetransfer or whatever you prefer.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi Giancarlo

    I have used the last versión 2.0 (497).
    I send you a shared folder by dropbox with a example at

    Thanks you


  6. Giancarlo N

    13 Oct 2015 Administrator

    Hello Joaquín,
    I have received your project and I have understood you tried to export an epub.
    Problem here is the poor support that readers have regarding the OpenURL action.
    I have tested on Readium and iBooks and their behaviors are opposite.
    We will further investigate on a workaround.
    Unfortunately we have no chance to predict how different epub readers react to opening an external resource, so if you really need it I suggest you to export android / ios / html5 app. The last one will be ready soon when 2.0 will be released.

  7. Hi Giancarlo,
    Today I'll try the software on a Mac and I think should get one.

    What I mean is that this feature works perfectly on Mac?

    Thank you so much


  8. Giancarlo N

    16 Oct 2015 Administrator

    OpenURL action tightly depends on external epub reader and their security policies. For example iBooks opens url in the external browser even if we tell it to open internally and on the contrary blocks url when we tell it to open externally. Readium acts the opposite.
    Unfortunately we have no control on external epub readers and it seems they does not follow any standard rules we can based on to develop that functionality.

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