Not communicate to Adobe Indesign

  1. 7 years ago


    I have Adobe Indesign CC 2014 and tried to import a file. I am subscriber Creative Cloud
    Always displays an error message:

    "An unexpected error ocurred while trying to Communicate with Adobe InDesign"

    I tried with open Id, including the same document, without the document, Id closed....

    Thanks you


  2. Giancarlo N

    23 Oct 2015 Administrator

    I cannot reproduce the issue. Did you upgrade PubCoder to the latest version 2.0.1 (543) (Help menu -> check for updates)?
    is this happening with a particular InDesign project or everytime you try to import?
    May I ask you to give me an indd file where the problem happens (send me a pm...)?
    Thank you,

  3. 6 years ago
    Edited 6 years ago by Jenni H

    similar problem occured with my PC and with a indd-file (made with CC 2105, updated yesterday) that opened up OK to Pubcoder on Mac at school. Runned a clean-up as suggested in other thread of posts.
    I tried to import also with completely blank empty one-page document with no luck.

    Screenshots of error messages
    link text

    Thanks for your help,

  4. Deleted 6 years ago by Jenni H
  5. Paolo A

    3 Mar 2016 Administrator

    Working on a serious refactoring of the inDesign import, stay tuned ;-)


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