Safari doesn't play video

  1. 5 months ago
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    I'm currently creating my first project for html.
    There is a MP4-Video inside (h.264).
    With firefox, google chrome it's running fine, but in safari the video doesn't play (online).
    The preview with safari works fine (local).

    How can I set up auto start? The HTML site should not have the big play button at the beginning.


  2. Angelo S

    Feb 17 Administrator

    If you're speaking about Safari Mobile:

    1. It's probably an encoding problem; try to encode the video with Handbrake using an iOS profile
    2. You can use a Play Video action in the Show event
  3. Hello Angelo

    It doesn't run on both: Safari for iOS and Safari for OSX. Meanwhile I found out that Safari suppresses the automatic playback of integrated videos. You can enable it in the preferences for the site.
    Hm, not an easy solution for the user. Is there no better solution?

    I don't mean the Play Video action. I want to start the presentation with a start button on my site. So, I want to disable the auto play function. There is a setting in PubCoder. I just can't remember where.

  4. Hi Angelo,
    I've made some attempts. On page 2 I have a button to a video and it runs directly. The video on page 1 (cover) doesn't run with auto play or a button the first time I visit the site. But after I play the video on page 2, the video on page 1 will also run.
    How can I solve the problem?

    Auto Play:
    In the pubcoder docs there is a description to export (html5-format): In the export control you should be able to disable auto play.

    But how do I get the settings? My export: html5 ->All pages->file
    In the export settings of html5 there is no option for auto play.

  5. Angelo S

    Feb 20 Administrator

    Hello Manfred,
    the autoplay setting is in the project inspector, just below Show Navigation Controls option.

    As for the video issues, please send me your pubcoder project file here so I can have a look:

  6. Edited 5 months ago by Manfred L

    Hello Angelo,
    after days with try and error, try and error I have finally find the real problem and a solution:

    Special feature of Safari

    Videos under Safari can cause problems when playing. For example, the first video to be played must not be faded in/displayed "softly" in the programming.
So here it is faded in without animation. Once a video has been faded in "hard", the soft fade-in will work for all other videos. Nevertheless, it is best to avoid soft fade-in (or animation when fading in) completely.

    The same applies to all elements that are in the programming sequence before the video in the start command. No animations during the actions !!!

    With the other browsers this function works from the beginning. Also all further programming with videos for Safari (also direct commands on the video like stop, go to, ...) should be used with caution.

    Attention: All these functions work in the offline preview of PubCoder in all browsers, also in Safari and it is assumed that it works online as well.

    Another problem: Online the functions on the video often work only once. Example: Command on video: "Hide Video/Object". The video will be faded out, but you cannot reactivate it with the start command, you have to reload the whole page and thus the video.
    Can I just reload only the video so that it can be played again?

    The problem with Safari was not easy to find, especially because it worked in the preview. So you get very confused at some point because you get confused with the functions and try and error.
    This makes you especially nervous when the job has a deadline.

    Angelo, you give good tips, thank you for that. Sometimes you answer only after days. Is there a faster way to get help? When I reported it as a bug, none came up at all.

    I uploaded the file. I have solved the video problem. Maybe you can help me with the problem with the touch of the start button (mouse over to highlight)?

    BTW: PubCoder is a great software !

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  8. Angelo S

    Feb 25 Administrator

    Hello Manfred,
    we are a small company, we do our best to answer as soon as possible but we've to struggle between PubCoder, PubReader and Shelf development (macOS, Windows, iOS, Android), technical support, marketing, custom development, special projects and so on.

    If you like the software, you can help us spreading the word so we can grow as a company and hire more people! ;-)

    Also, we are happy to fix bugs and provide general support, but if you need us to help you with something specific to your project or write custom code for you, you will need to buy some consulting package from us. Please write to support if interested.

    Best Regards,


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