Weird character in Kindle preview

  1. 6 months ago
    Edited 6 months ago by Daniel C

    What is this character that keeps showing up in the Kindle online previewer?

  2. I also get a warning when exporting from PubCoder that the file fails validation. I checked with Oxygen and EPUB checker which validated the file as OK.

  3. I think I know what that "A" character is with the upside down V on top of it is. An extra space between words.

  4. Those extra character spaces can sneak in there pretty easily. The validation error message was for the cover size which is too big for iBooks but this is exclusive to Kindle so no problem.

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  6. 3 months ago

    Daniel, I'm also getting this error!

    I just updated my PubCoder software before starting a new project, and when I go to test-export it, I get the following error (see screenshot). Currently, it only has the cover page, and the metadata only. I tested two other files from previous projects which passed validation just fine at their time of creation, but are now getting this same error.

    Did you ever get a resolution to the issue??


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