javascript questions

  1. 3 months ago

    how can i call actions directly from javascript? without having to put them into an actionList?
    and i general how can i find documentation?
    a list of the classes and their properties?

    i'm pretty new to javascript and web development in general, i do a lot of work with c#, we are moving to pubcoder from unity for one of our projects which needs a faster turn arround time. switching from unity to pubcoder has made some things incredibly simple, but we have a few requeiremnts that pubcoder dosent satisly, so i'm trying to fill the gaps by with javascript.
    pubcoder looks very promising but i'm not able to find enough documentation to do the things is need.

    we are still using the trial of pubcoder and our animator is very happy with it, so i'm trying really hard to make it work.

    ewan. ( anche io abito qui a torino!)

  2. Angelo S

    Jun 11 Administrator

    Hello Ewan,
    you can find documentation about code in pubcoder here:
    Also, each object has an example of how it is exported in HTML.


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