Option to maintain original image assets during export?

  1. 2 years ago
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    Hi, I am a new user of PubCoder. I am very much enjoying the software, but I do encounter a few issues related to how PubCoder treats assets during export.

    First, the exported PNG files are pretty badly unoptimized. Now, I don't mind this too much, because most design apps are truly abysmal in this regard, so I am accustomed to this.

    Which is why I always optimize PNG assets in an external tool (ColorQuantizer). In InDesign, for example, I just tell it to never touch the original asset, and export the original asset "as-is" to an epub. I do the same in Godot (a game engine), and other apps.

    However, I cannot seem to find an option in PubCoder to tell it to maintain the original PNG files. PubCoder recompresses the images during export, ruining my carefully prepared images.

    Secondly, this also poses a problem for Animated PNG files: the animated PNG files no longer work after export.

    Which means I have to open the exported epub or html folder, and replace all the assets with optimized versions and the animated PNGs with the original APNGs. And while this works for a smaller project, it is FAR too much work on a semi-bigger project with many PNG files.

    So my question is: does an option exist to force PubCoder to maintain the original assets during the export? And if not, could you please add a simple checkbox option in the Project settings to maintain the original assets?

    Also, animated PNG files do not seem to work in the preview, or do not seem to be supported at all. This is an oversight, since all browsers now support these files, and both the Apple reader as well as Thorium (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) play these without issues.

  2. After a bit more research, I am going to answer my own question :-)

    YES, it is possible to maintain the original assets! I discovered a simple option which controls this in the properties:


    The preview in PubCoder does not seem to support Animated PNG files, though. Perhaps an improvement for the next release?


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