Bring object to front inside drag action

  1. 4 months ago


    The documentation states that a drag action accepts only a "drag object" action, and nothing else.

    I have copied a "bring object to front" action from touch down, to the drag action.
    It appears there, and it works, at least in preview, iBooks mac and iPad.

    Is there a case where this doesn't work?
    Is there a reason the documentation says you can't do it, but I'm still able to?

    Thanks in advance for your help and time!

    WIth kind regards,
    Casimir Smets

  2. 3 months ago

    Angelo S

    Dec 22 Administrator

    It is the drag _event_ which only accepts a Drag Action. Yes, you can still paste other actions inside it but we do not guarantee that this will work with future versions of PubCoder.
    This is because we could change how we achieve the drag, at some point. Actually the drag event is very mush like a touch down event, but this may change in the future, and if this happens your action may not work anymore.
    You should insert the "bring object to front" in the touch down event, which is actually what you wish I believe.

  3. Hi Angelo,

    Yes, exactly. I previously did it in the touch down event.
    Thanks for the clarification!!



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