using a layered psd for my project

  1. 7 years ago


    I have recently explored pub coder and I loved it.
    besides I am not getting any option to import my layered psd to create my story book app. I have searched for tutorials for the same but found nothing regarding psd. though in features .psd is shown as supported format.
    please help me if any body knows any thing on this issue..


  2. Angelo S

    1 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Hello Prachi,
    PSD is supported by PubCoder as an image format: what PubCoder doesn't do is giving access to individual layers inside PSD file.
    By the way, the better way to use the different layers as different objects in PubCoder is exporting layers to files from Photoshop (File > Export > Layers To Files...) and then importing the individual PNG images in PubCoder (you can drag them all to the stage or assets panel in the project window).



  3. Thanks for the info Angelo.


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