ios simulator export option disappeard

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to pubcoder and am testing out the features. One thing im doing is making sure I can build an ios app. When I tried to export an ios app to the ios simulator it told me i needed to install xcode. So i installed xcode 12.1 (because im running macos 10.15.7) and confirmed the simulator exists and i can run it. But when I go back to pubcoder and try to export to the ios simulator that option is no longer there! I can only export to the app store or make an ad hoc distribution. What happened to the ios simulator option?


  2. Odd... Pubcoder just started showing all the various iOS simulators in exports. Yesterday i saw an option called "ios simulator" and when i clicked on it i had to install xcode. Then that option went away. But today, that option is still gone, however, it's been replaced with an option for over 10 ios devices that run in the simulator. Im not sure what happened, but ios previews in the simulator are now working for me.

  3. Deleted 2 years ago by Angelo S

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