Reloading current page doesn't reset clickable images

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    Thank you for this fantastic program!

    Because there are no command in the action called "reload page", I use a workaround by setting the action "Go to page" and to the current page in view. This works well when exporting the file to xpub and also to epub3, but only in the Pubcoder app. When opening the Epub3 in Ibooks or on Infinity Reader, reloading the current page doesn't reset the images and sounds to the original state. I have a theory that I haven't yet tested though. It might depend on that all interactive objects are put the same layer as the main image of the page (all pages are made from background images) and that Pubcoder app load images in a certain order which is not obtained by default in other readers . I'll look into that but I still need your opinions...

    I give you a detailed description as well:

    A page consist of several clickable play buttons linked to different sounds. Every time I push a play button, a sound file is played and playback controls are shown. The current play button then changes its image to a clickable stop button image and the play buttons for the other sounds are hidden by calling a simple javascript code to prevent the user to be able to playback multiple sounds at once. So far so good...

    Now to my problem. The behaviour I want is when pushing the stop button, I want to reset the page to its original state, making every play button visible and clickable once again. The only way I have been able to do this is by the built-in action "go to page" (same page) as described above. This works excellent when opened in the pubcoder app, But in other readers - for example Infinity Reader - the images disappears when pressing the stop button and the only way to get them back is to flip pages.

    If it wasn't for this frustrating bug, my book would be ready to go. Please help me if you can!

  2. Angelo S

    23 Aug 2021 Administrator

    Hello Carl, the "go to page" action is handled by the reader app. Some readers reload the page when you tell it to go to the current page, other don't.
    You should move everything back to the initial status yourself using actions instead of using this workaround.

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