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  1. 5 weeks ago
    Tue Oct 20 12:29:30 2020

    Hi can you help me
    I have installed Java development kit 15 - jdk-8u261-windows-x64.exe on to my windows desktop computer, as requested with a prompt when I try to Export to an EPUB file - the prompt says this is needed so the EPUB validation can be performed
    However Pubcoder doesn't see the installation and continues to prompt me to install Java JDK
    I have tried the install twice, rebooted

    I suspect that I have installed the wrong file, maybe

    can you give me some advise on how to sort this

  2. 3 months ago
    Thu Aug 27 14:59:50 2020
    N Nadine B posted in MP3 audio assets.

    Many thanks

  3. Fri Aug 21 13:47:23 2020
    N Nadine B started the conversation MP3 audio assets.

    Can you clarify what is meant by MP3 Audio assets as opposed to mp3 files, as referenced in your online help guide for Audio object
    many thanks