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    Sun Nov 14 01:54:33 2021
    K Kathryn M posted in Suspension of Android export (fixed).

    There is another authoring tool, Kotobee. However, I have stuck with Pubcoder, despite winning a lifetime individual subscription to Kotobee in one of their eBook competitions, because:
    a) I prefer the Pubcoder interface for ebook creation
    b) Pubcoder allows for multiple localisations, which Kotobee does not. My ebooks are multilingual resources; this functionality is central to my published product.

    As far as I know, the Android export for Kotobee is still working (or perhaps it's not, and they either haven't realised, or haven't emailed customers about it). Their support is very good though, so I would be surprised. I recently had a 30-minute zoom call with support, even though I'm not a customer! (because I wanted to explore options and new features they've just announced).

    They also have a Shelf-type option, which is even less affordable than Pubcoder's offering. I've wanted to use Pubcoder's Shelf for years, but can't afford the expense.

    I have also emailed Pubcoder support, adding my voice to the concern expressed by others. I also want to know if Shelf resolves the Android issue, or if it is also affected. I assume not, as they've suggested it as a possible solution themselves. Keen to follow this thread!

  2. Sun Oct 10 05:36:35 2021
    K Kathryn M posted in Support.

    Angelo is usually pretty good... or any of the other team members at Pubcoder. It can take a couple of days, but I figure I'm in a time zone on the other side of the world...
    Did you get a reply through your link contacts?

  3. Sun Oct 10 05:35:25 2021
    K Kathryn M posted in Read aloud selected text.

    You would need to put the text you don't want in a different text box. You can use one text box per language, with blank lines, and position them so that the text appears as it does in your video, but you might run into difficulties with the boxes not overlapping properly when the exported file is viewed on different devices of different sizes.
    You could also create 1 text box per line - a bit more tedious but probably safer.
    When you launch the read-aloud wizard, you delete the text chunks you don't want.
    Another option would be to create the English on the right hand side, rather than below each French line. That way you could use a single text box per paragraph for each language, and you probably wouldn't have issues of the text boxes positioning incorrectly when viewed on different size screens.

  4. Sat Oct 9 22:35:33 2021

    I have just tried recreating the entire project from scratch (in case it was the project which is corrupted somehow), and I am no longer getting the error message when creating a poster image, but in the exported xpub file I still have the random pages showing blank pages before the video appears. Which pages are affected varies across different language localisations, despite only editing in the default localisation. I'm not having the issue with exporting to epub.

  5. Fri Oct 8 01:25:26 2021
    K Kathryn M started the conversation Container background colour and Poster image.

    I'm having trouble with pages loading initially to the background colour, despite setting poster images on all videos.
    I'm exporting to xpub, and the behaviour is different in different languages.
    When I try to create a poster image using a video frame I get an error message (I think this is happening since the last Pubcoder version update?).
    I had previously saved images, so I am linking to an image from the asset files.
    I am setting the background colour to #000000FF for images and videos (if it has to appear before the image or video, I'd rather white than black).
    I managed to get the Spanish version in the xpub working properly, I think by unlinking and relinking all the poster images, but then when I went to do the same thing in the English and French versions, it didn't fix those and it corrupted some pages in the Spanish version again!

  6. 3 years ago
    Tue Jan 19 21:22:46 2021
    K Kathryn M started the conversation Manual Read-Aloud Set Up Not Working.

    I have a page where the text and audio are replicated from an earlier page. I want to manually set up the read-aloud by using the same smil and audio assets generated for the earlier page, so I don't have to re-sync it. When I do this, the audio is embedded in the page, but the highlighting doesn't occur. It's definitely enabled for the project - it works on other pages.
    I have to resync the audio using the wizard, which defeats the purpose of being able to set it up manually.
    Am I missing a step?

  7. Tue Jan 19 21:16:36 2021
    K Kathryn M posted in PDF Export.

    I've also had requests from customers (school teachers) to be able to do this. It would be a good feature to add.

  8. Sun Jan 10 09:30:42 2021
    K Kathryn M started the conversation Quiz Activity.

    Is it possible to change the line spacing of the answers in a quiz activity?
    I like to use 36px font size for the answers as my books are for early readers. But when I do this, the bottom of the 'check' and 'reset' buttons disappear. And I would like to space the lines further apart - e.g. when I use 36px font in the text on page, I set the line space to 52px.

  9. Sun Jan 10 08:57:53 2021

    How many frames are in your animation? And is the audio embedded in the animation, or separate? Angelo advised me to use video instead of animation for my books, which I've finally realised is good advice and switched to that. I had 72 frames in each of my animations (1 per page). The video file is a much smaller data package than the animation, and doesn't interfere with the timing of my audio read-aloud narration. There are some settings when you embed video to make it work the same way as an animation - I can let you know about those if you think that would be a solution for you.

  10. Wed Jan 6 08:35:01 2021

    Hi Nadine, are you using Books app on a MacBook laptop, or on an iPad? I have a similar issue with Books on my MacBook Pro (the read-along narration doesn't play in sync with the word highlighting), but the timing is fine with Books on any iOS device.
    I am still trying to figure out if this is an issue with the Mac OS Books app, or if an adjustment could be made to Pubcoder to resolve the issue.

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