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  1. 4 months ago
    Sun Jul 12 00:15:54 2020
    K Kumar S posted in Start /stop read aloud.

    @Angelo - Please let me know your inputs.

  2. Fri Jul 10 04:58:48 2020
    K Kumar S posted in Start /stop read aloud.

    I have the same issue. I have a button to start and stop reading aloud. I use the HTML5 to export and preview on the chrome browser.

    I have a character. Upon tap down, I enabled the start/stop reading aloud. It works fine for the page, but the next page the read-aloud continues, which I don't want unless it is triggered again by the reader by clicking the button.

  3. 4 years ago
    Wed May 25 15:17:34 2016
    K Kumar S started the conversation Html5 - Word highlight not working.


    I created a HTML5 package and I uploaded all files into my web server(go daddy). Every thing works fine when i see the page, except for the two features.

    1. Each page load is slow.
    2. I see word-highlighter on the computer I designed when i preview. But the word highlighter is missing when I see them on web.

    Please let me know any inputs on this. Do you have any documents on how to optimize it so that page loading are faster ? Or I have missed something ?


  4. Wed May 11 16:16:36 2016

    Please let me know if anyone tried the above functionality.

    Thanks a lot.

  5. Fri May 6 05:12:45 2016
    K Kumar S started the conversation Read aloud - Can read aloud start upon page load?.

    Read aloud - can read aloud start upon page load.

    I am trying to create a option, where user can select read aloud or not at the start screen. if the author selects read aloud option, when pages are loaded, the read aloud should start and continue until user deselect a option on the current page.

    Can this be done?