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    Fri May 4 10:58:55 2018

    Thank you for your reply. I will await the update. Cheers

  2. Fri May 4 10:57:25 2018
    G Gia W posted in Table of Contents Button.

    I was wanting page names within the chapter so I guess thats not possible. You are saying that every page of my book has to be a chapter! So its not really Chapter name, but page name?

  3. Sat Apr 28 02:50:16 2018

    Hi Flavio, I know this is an old post, but I am just doing the same tests and have found that to make an ePub that works on both the Mac OS and on a Samsung tablet (that's all I have to test on for Android) is actually quite easy. I am working on a mac, but I don't think that should make any difference.

    I used the export setting:
    ePub3>All Pages>EPUB File

    and found that this one export worked on all the devices. I didn't need to export separately (using ePub3>All Pages>iBooks) for it to work in iBooks on all Apple Devices and computers.

    For the Android version on my Samsung tablet, I found that it works best in the Kobo App. It works in the Gitden App too but is annoying as the chrome constantly pops up (ie top menu and page thumbnails) when you touch a button and this doesn't happen in the Kobo App. It would be good to find a way to stop this happening, perhaps there is some CSS than can be written to stop it, but I'm not a coder.

    This same export also works perfectly in the Readium for Chrome App in Windows on a PC.

    My ePUB has interactive buttons, but no other animation or read aloud etc.

    I hope this is helpful for others as there doesn't seem to be much help information on this subject, which I consider the most important reason we are buying the software.


  4. Mon Apr 23 01:41:11 2018
    G Gia W started the conversation PubCoder icon showing instead of my XPUP Cover Icon.

    Hi, yet another question.

    I am just testing my product before launching it. When I upload my XPUB to PubReader by loading it from DropBox etc (not over wifi) the icon that appears in PubReader for the book cover is the PubCoder icon with my book name underneath. If I load it through wifi when testing direct from from PubCoder I get the correct icon - my book cover. How do I get the correct icon to appear when loading the book through an upload as this is how my customers will receive it and I dont want them to have the PubCoder icon, I want them to have the icon for my book.
    I have uploaded the cover as the cover image in PubCoder.

  5. Fri Apr 20 05:48:05 2018
    G Gia W started the conversation Table of Contents Button.

    Hi, in PubCoder 3, where is the button/check box to include a page in the table of contents. The Chapters I have made appear in the TOC in PubReader but how do I get the actual pages to appear as well? In the old version of PubCoder that you show on your website there is a check box to tick this option, but I cant find it in PubCoder 3.
    Thank you.

  6. 6 years ago
    Wed Apr 18 04:28:38 2018
    G Gia W started the conversation Selling ePubs made with PubCoder.

    Hi, I have finally finished remaking my interactive eBook in PubCoder that I originally made in InDesign and could only sell for Apple Devices and computers.

    I now want to sell this new version for Android devices, but would like confirmation of the best way to supply this. I want to sell direct from my website shop as a digital download and not as an Android app (yet). So is the best way for me to do this successfully, to first advise customers to download the PubReader App to their Android device and then purchase my ePub or XPUB? Will it then be easy for them to upload from an email they will receive with a link?

    Can you confirm that this software will work on all Android devices, as it is obviously impossible for me to test it on more than the one Android device that I have for testing. I am guessing the developers will have tested it on many tablets and phones.

    Also, are there Android eBook readers that can read interactive fixed layout ebooks now? If so, do you know which ones to recommend?


  7. Wed Dec 20 02:25:26 2017
    G Gia W started the conversation Recommended "one size fits all" size for epub layout.

    Hi, I am just using pubcoder to convert my epub document produced in InDesign for the ipad (1024x768pixels) into a version I can sell on Android devices.

    As there are many different sizes and different resolution devices I just want to make a "one size fits all" layout. I am quite happy for there to be black bars down the sides when the screen ratio is different as this works with my layout fine.

    What size would you recommend? Also what resolution would you save background images in and is jpg or png better if I don't need transparency on them, I just need it to load fast?
    Many thanks

  8. Sun Dec 17 06:06:26 2017

    Found it. Great. Thank you

  9. Thu Dec 14 01:12:53 2017

    Thanks, but I was looking for this:

  10. Thu Dec 14 01:07:04 2017

    Oh wonderful, that might be the answer to one of my problems on how to stop the app reader menu and thumbnails popping up in one spot. Will have to test that out. Cheers Gia

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