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  1. 4 years ago
    Mon Jan 22 11:25:43 2018
    Paolo A posted in Pubcoder on macOS High Sierra.

    No, ad hoc distribution is just for testing on a local device. When uploading to App Store use usual export, Apple will warn you about missing icon file but it will then eventually publish it correctly with the icon you chose for the App Store from within iTunes Connect.

  2. Fri Jan 12 15:02:44 2018
    Paolo A posted in Pubcoder on macOS High Sierra.

    With the latest XCode Simulator retains a higher cache, if you try it out via ad hoc distribution should be ok.

  3. Thu Nov 23 10:41:55 2017
    Paolo A posted in iOS UPLOAD FAIL HELP!!!.

    Hello Milena,

    will look into this, probably it has to do with the minimum version requirement, will let you know asap. Please send an email on and will answer on that thread, will then update this one as soon as we find the solution.

  4. Fri Oct 27 17:10:31 2017
    Paolo A posted in disable page navigation.

    Great, I was about to provide same solution, you could use just one style, which encapsulates both:

    div#SCNavigationArrows {

    We are currently looking into project settings to make it work with the "Show Navigation Controls" option.

  5. 5 years ago
    Tue Jul 25 18:02:56 2017
    Paolo A posted in Full featured on-stage editor.

    Carlton, PubCoder 3 will needs definitely full documentation. We are currently working on this, while the 3 is in beta. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Tue Jul 25 18:01:03 2017
    Paolo A posted in Pubblicazione.

    Great to know, Jelena! Will take a look at it, and if it works will definitely recommend it in any possible place.

  7. Fri Jul 7 18:23:54 2017

    Hi Brian,

    we are keen on seeing feedback on the Mac version, as soon as we see it stable in the community we will pass to the Windows version. Not sure on dates, but it's going to be definitely in september. If you interested in getting into a sort of power-beta-pc-program please send me your email at

  8. Fri Jul 7 17:27:39 2017
    Paolo A started the conversation Introducing PubCoder 3 Beta for Mac.

    "With PubCoder 3 we decided to take a step back and use what we learned in the last 3 years to redesign the software from the ground up: of course we added many new features, but we also took some bold choices that led to drastically change some of the existing features, simplifying and hiding complexity where necessary. And we wrapped it all in a new, polished, flat user interface."

    Read the full blog post authored by our Lead Developer and Co-founder Angelo Scicolone.

    If interested in testing it go to the beta landing page or download it directly from here .

  9. Mon Jan 2 18:57:25 2017


    this has to do with the core localization of the app. Will look further into it.

  10. Mon Jan 2 18:55:56 2017
    Paolo A posted in A few issues.

    Hi Cary,

    thank you for your super-kind post, don't worry about criticism and feature requests, this is also what the Forum is made for! We are happy to listen what you are looking for, and where you see the issues and the potentialities. Coming to your considerations:
    1- The mp3 coming from the voice synth is in fact accepted, so we would like to know more: can I kindly ask you to send a link with your pubcoder file or just the mp3 at
    2 - The parent objects/layers is in roadmap, please be patient, will let you know as soon at it is ready and avaliable
    3 - Saving the coloring game: this is, again, in roadmap, but not among our top list of features. You are not the first to ask so we will consider to push it in order to have it as quickly as possible.

    Thanks again for your words.


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