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    Sun Jan 31 17:57:08 2021
    C Carl S started the conversation Text Box not saving content.

    Hi, I'm currently running the trial version. Just started a second project and I am encountering a small but very annoying problem.

    The text box is often not saving what I have entered. Sometimes the text will just disappear, other times it won't save the changes I have made. I can go from one page, where I made the changes, to another and back again and the text has changed or disappeared.

    The only way I can seem to solve this is to save go to save after every change, but I am not sure this is really helping.

    Its a very simple project, 1 image and 1 text box per page, 10 pages.

    Is there a setting for autosave that I may have turned off?

    Its annoying, having to pick up these unwanted changes and re-edit the text for the page, but also worrying that I might miss something and publish without noticing the text is missing.

    The first project went fine and didn't notice this problem. The only difference is that I am using a different rendition.

    Can someone advise?

  2. Thu Jan 21 21:29:16 2021
    C Carl S posted in PDF Export.

    Thanks Angelo. Good to know.

    Kathryn, yes.... exactly.

  3. Sat Jan 16 21:46:56 2021
    C Carl S started the conversation PDF Export.

    Hi All, just wondering if I can export the project as a plain PDF file?

    I would like to share all project pages to my iPad for review, annotation of the content and for sharing to others for their input.

    Any interaction embedded in the project doesn't need to be reviewed at this stage.

    I can see I can export a single page to PDF but there doesn't seem to be a method to export all the pages to PDF.

    Have I missed something? Hope you can help.


  4. Fri Jan 15 17:38:13 2021
    C Carl S posted in Dark Mode Settings?.

    sorry, my bad.

    I restarted the MacBook and all is well now.

  5. Fri Jan 15 17:17:27 2021
    C Carl S started the conversation Dark Mode Settings?.

    Is there a way to switch off dark mode within PubCoder?

    I've just started the trial version and I'm finding some of the pop-up windows are not displaying clearly... white text on white background, makes it impossible to see what the options are.

    Thanks in advance.