Angelo S


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  1. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Apr 28 15:43:13 2021

    Hai esportato l'app e caricato una beta su google play? oppure hai testato via USB?

  2. Wed Apr 28 11:33:26 2021

    Perché non è ancora stata rilasciata ufficialmente ma la stiamo facendo testare a tutti gli utenti che hanno riscontrato problemi specifici per vedere se effettivamente li risolve.

  3. Wed Apr 28 10:02:08 2021

    Ciao Teresa, intendevo il formato di esportazione, usi XPUB oppure export nativi (iOS App, Android App) ?

  4. Wed Apr 28 09:59:21 2021

    Hello Cathy, I'm not sure what you mean: please try to explain better what you are trying to do so we can try to help you.

  5. Wed Apr 28 09:57:24 2021

    Ciao Teresa,
    prova ad aggiornare l'app esportandola con la beta di PubCoder 4 , dovrebbe risolvere il problema.


  6. Wed Apr 28 09:54:36 2021

    Wonderful, thank you for you tests guys.

  7. Wed Apr 28 09:54:04 2021
    Angelo S posted in Pubcoder 4 Beta.

    Hello Humberto,

    • no, Internet Explorer is not supported anymore
    • about the show object issues, can you please upload your pubcoder project here so I can test it?

    Best Regards,

  8. Wed Apr 28 09:50:25 2021

    Hello Humberto, we are dropping support for Internet Explorer altogether in PubCoder 4, the new HTML5 export now requires a modern browser.

  9. Wed Apr 28 09:48:41 2021

    Thanks Brad, be sure to check out the updated beta at

  10. 2 months ago
    Mon Apr 12 17:00:36 2021

    Hello, PubCoder 4 beta is now available . Let us know if it fixes the issue correctly.

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