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  1. 5 days ago
    Mon Jun 10 10:18:34 2019
    Angelo S posted in Action List Sample.

    Hello, you can find more info on this page of the documentation:

  2. Mon Jun 10 10:17:44 2019
    Angelo S posted in M4A audio format.

    Hello Phil, you should convert them to mp3

  3. last week
    Tue Jun 4 12:53:38 2019

    Hello Felix, you're probably missing something, but it would be helpful to have a look at the project. Can you upload it here?

  4. Tue Jun 4 12:51:17 2019
    Angelo S posted in Sincronizzazione audio.

    Ciao Francesca,
    è un comportamento definito dal reader che usi, come hai potuto constatare. Noi ci siamo ispirati al comportamento di Apple Books, che fa sempre ripartire l'audio dall'inizio.


  5. Tue Jun 4 12:21:54 2019

    Hello John, will definitely look into this and let you know.

  6. 5 weeks ago
    Thu May 9 10:27:37 2019

    the read aloud splitter allows to force a split between a set of words that would otherwise be highlighted together by the read aloud system

  7. Wed May 8 11:40:26 2019

    Ciao Giuseppe, puoi tranquillamente usare l'oggetto Video per embeddare un video di YouTube, non è necessario usare uno Smart Object.
    Trascina un oggetto video sullo stage e inserisci l'url del video nell'inspector della selezione:


  8. Wed May 8 11:34:38 2019
    Angelo S posted in Privacy policy info?.

    Hello, as of now, PubCoder-made apps do not collect any personal user data at all.
    With iOS apps built with PubCoder 3.5 and up, we are collecting some anonymous usage analytics and crash reports, that's all.
    As of permissions, we require Internet access and WakeLock on Android (to avoid apps going to sleep while user is reading).

  9. Wed May 8 11:22:35 2019
    Angelo S posted in Navigation Sounds?.

    Hello David, that should work. Please send me your .pubcoder project file over here so I can take a look:

  10. 2 months ago
    Wed Apr 10 12:48:24 2019
    Angelo S posted in Drag & Drop puzzles.

    you can define a drop zone and use a move object action to place the object where you want. Take a look at

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