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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Feb 12 14:59:18 2024

    Hello Claire, sorry but that's not possible.

  2. Mon Feb 12 14:58:17 2024

    Hello Daniel, please write to support (at) describing the problem and attaching your pubcoder project file and some screenshots

  3. Mon Feb 12 13:03:14 2024
    Angelo S posted in Webapp html5 really slow.

    Yep, there's no "preload". PubCoder is optimized for books that can have hundreds of pages so preloading every asset would not work. Maybe you could try to optimize your images, take a look here:

  4. Mon Feb 12 13:00:42 2024
    Angelo S posted in Pausing Animation.

    Hello Jacob,
    there are actions to pause and play the animation, you can have a look at theme here:
    For example, you may want to pause the animation after a certain event or simply you can use a “wait” action to wait some time before stopping it and then wait some more time before resuming it:

  5. 5 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 17 10:31:37 2024
    Angelo S posted in Responsive layouts.

    Hello Paul, PubCoder is fixed layout with multiple renditions. You can have different renditions for different screen size, each one will scale until another is better. But each rendition can be totally different from the other and so optimization for smartphone vs desktop is totally possible. More info here:

  6. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 10 17:28:36 2024
    Angelo S posted in Counter value.

    cannot be done, but what's the sense of it if you have nothing to "count"?

  7. Wed Jan 10 17:27:06 2024

    Ciao Teresa,
    non è PubCoder, ma Apple che richiede che le app per iOS vengano compilate con versioni recenti di Xcode. PubCoder semplicemente si adatta. Utilizzando versioni meno recenti di pubcoder riuscirai a compilare con versioni meno recenti di Xcode, ma i problemi sono soltanto ritardati a quando proverai a inviare l'app ad App Store.

  8. 3 months ago
    Tue Oct 31 11:07:01 2023

    Just to help other users, at the end the problem was caused by custom javascript in the project, which was breaking the thumbnail generation.
    For all users, please remember to initialize/start your code Project → Javascript or Page → Javascript or using this event instead of yousing generic document.ready or similar:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(window).on(PubCoder.Events.PageReady, function() {
    	/* Insert your custom JavaScript code below */
  9. 4 months ago
    Tue Oct 24 15:39:47 2023

    Hello John, final release of PubCoder 5.0 is out now, are you still experiencing this issue?
    If so, please write to and send us a wetransfer link with tge pubcoder project file that is having issues.

  10. Wed Oct 4 09:34:27 2023
    Angelo S posted in problemi di lettura su desktop.

    Ciao Elisa,
    ADE usa ancora il vecchio motore di IE su Windows e comincia ad essere seriamente vetusto.
    Qui puoi trovare delle alternative, in particolare ti consiglio Thorium:


    PubReader per desktop? potrebbe ;-)

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