set counter value

  1. last year

    how do you set counter value using code ?

  2. Riccardo G 6

    21 Oct 2022 Administrator

    Hello Meron,

    "The counter object" is an object that holds a numeric value that can be increased and decreased using actions, running lists of actions contextually and when reaching a specific target value.

    You can find all the documentation about it here
    Docs - Counter Object

    If you cannot solve your problem , try to explain what you want to achieve and we will try to give you additional support :)


  3. Thanks for the reply.
    I know what it does. I just want to reset its value using a code.
    Like to get its value you use PubCoder.getCounterValue(), what is the code to set its value? I can't seem to find the counter property in the PubCoder object. Or is it abstracted from the user?

  4. Riccardo G 6

    24 Oct 2022 Administrator

    Hi Meron,

    There isn't code to set the value of the counter.
    The properties of the object are those you can find in the documentation.



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