Punctuation errors

  1. last year

    Every time I include commas or an m dash or other types of punctuation, I upload to Kindle previewer and get odd characters in place of those marks. Like @#$ or a capitol A with a tilde over it for any extra spaces. When I edit it in the app it doesn't fix it. I have to copy out of my text program and repaste it in to clear the space thing but it doesn't do anything for the oddball characters. What up?

  2. I opened the file with Oxygen Author and added the apostrophes manually and they show as they are supposed to in K Preview. I'm going to fiddle some more with assorted punctuations and spaces.

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  5. Here's what I see with an em dash after export from pubcoder and upload to Kindle previewer. After the word 'luck'.

  6. Got this from a guy on Facebook epub production page,
    "I had similar problems in other programs. Typically it is caused by the wrong encoding. Each character can be expressed by more than one entity. Unfortunately, not all applications can interpret every entity type. Some entities are all numbers, such ӄ while others can be expressed with letters, such as   You will find that most applications support the first, but not all support the second. All letters and character also have a hex code. Sometimes the solution is simply using the supported entity, in others you have to declare the encoding at the top of the document. Also, be aware that “plain text” documents may not support non-ASCII character sets. In 1995, most computer apps and file types switched to Unicode which supports all TrueType character sets. But you will have to check to see if the app you’re using supports ASCII or Unicode. I believe ASCII supports only 256 characters. I had many of these issues back when I was working with XML."

  7. Angelo S

    28 Feb 2023 Administrator

    What OS are you using? Windows or Mac? Just quickly tried on my Mac and can't seem to reproduce the issue.

  8. Mac. sorry

  9. You can get an em dash to display?

  10. Kindle Previewer has lied to me before but it displayed as shown here in a published ebook. KP on the desktop does not show the error to you, only when you upload to Kindle online.

  11. Angelo S

    7 Mar 2023 Administrator

    Hello Daniel,
    I tried to add an additional UTF-8 encoding declaration for KF8 export in a beta release, please try it and let me know if this fixes the issue:

  12. Thanks Angelo!

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    Got this on export just now.

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