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    Hi, I am using a custom typeface to create a publication. It is a WOFF font and works on every mobile browser.
    However, when I preview the publication in a web browser (Firefox 114.0.1), the font first previews as a default browser font, which is not the custom typeface that I used.

    There is also a "play" button over the cover page although there is no interactivity.

    I would like to know if the custom typeface can be shown immediately and whether the "play" button can be removed?

    Thanks in advance.


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  3. Riccardo G 6

    6 Jul 2023 Administrator
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    Hi Jacqueline,

    for the font, I suggest you to convert it with an online tool and the problem should be solved.
    For the issue related to the "play button" you can disable it from PubCoder's project settings under "Project ▹ Appearance & Behavior ▹ activating Auto Play".



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