Provisioning Profile

  1. 4 years ago

    When I submit our app for the App Store should I then unlink the Ad Hoc .mobileprovision file at "Provisioning Profile (Ad Hoc Distribution)" (Pubcoder iOS Workspace - > Project Settings) ?

  2. Angelo S

    4 May 2016 Administrator

    You don't need to. When building the app, PubCoder asks for the correct provisioning profile to use: App Store distribution or Ad Hoc distribution.

  3. 2 years ago

    Do I need a provisioning profile? When I go to my developer account... it wants me to register my apple device? I don't understand why I need to do this? Am I registering devices that can use the app? I'm confused, please help!

  4. Angelo S

    6 Dec 2017 Administrator

    Yes you need provisioning profiles. There are two kinds of them, production provisioning profiles are required to upload to app store or TestFlight (for remote testing), ad hoc provisioning profiles are used to test on specific devices. There's a lot of literature about this on the web.


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