EPUB3 / An error was found in the OPF file: No cover declared.

  1. 7 years ago

    Hello, i was making a EPUB3, when i tried to upload an error message appeared: "An error was found in the OPF file: No cover declared."

    On previous occasions I have done EPUB3 and I have been able to upload it to iTunes without problems.

    It could be a problem of the new version?

    I hope you can help me


  2. Paolo A

    1 Dec 2016 Administrator

    As discussed on a separate email, this has to do with a specific ebook retailer.

  3. 5 years ago
    Edited 5 years ago by Teresa S

    I also have this same problem... I am wondering what is the answer to this?

  4. I have twice encountered this issue with an aggregator named PublishDrive. On the first occasion it was with an EPUB file that had nothing to do with Pubcoder - I'd put it together by myself and had gone through agonies getting it validated. When it was finally validated, PublishDrive still rejected it, the reason being that they could not find or identify the cover. I read all their documentation about this and tried every solution, none of which worked. I reached out to their support people and one of them went in and manually fixed the problem at their end. I don't know what they did, but it worked.

    I've just encountered the same issue with PublishDrive, and this time it's with an EPUB created by Pubcoder. I know the cover's there and specified, so I've written to PublishDrive again for help in solving the issue. It does seem to be a peculiarity of that site. I'll update here when they reply.


  5. I also have that problem. Have been waiting for a reply.

  6. Angelo S

    9 Feb 2019 Administrator

    Hello, that's a known problem with PublishDrive and EPUB3 files. Please contact their technical support.
    PubCoder-exported EPUB3 files are validated through the Epubcheck official validator.


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