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  1. 7 years ago
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    Loading HTML5 from an epub3 mac master on 10.10.5 - I get the webapp file and all goes well on putting to my website until final moments when up comes

    Unable to parse file: BookPayload/3261C5A8EBFD4125A51D7F1BE8FE37AF/1.1.1/OEBPS/content.opf

    PLEASE advise...

  2. Paolo A

    1 Dec 2016 Administrator


    please contact us at and will help you out.

  3. 1) First of all You should check that all files were transferred to the server: the PubCoder HTML5 export package directory includes a directory with the following files:

    readme.html (current file)

    And the following sub-directories:


    Make sure all of these files and directories are present, otherwise the content will not be viewed correctly.

    2) In order to work all files must be installed behind a webserver of any kind (Apache, TomCat, etc.).
    Upload this directory in any position under the root of your website, for instance:


    You can view your content in two ways:

    a) Full View mode: the content can be viewed accessing the following url:


    If you inspect the code you will see that an iframe is included. If in PubCoder you selected "auto" the iframe will adapt to the window browser's sizes, otherwise it will respect the sizes specified in your workspace. You may change those sizes according to your wishes.

    b) Embedded mode: the content can be embedded in an iframe of any of your html pages by including the following code:

    <iframe src="http(s)://" width="%width%" height="%height%" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Where "yourwebsite" is the name of the website url, %width% and %height% are respectively the iframe width and height in pixels

  4. Hi,
    there is no way to export a publication and then simply open it with a browser (with all the files in the local computer) just like when you write some file ".html"?
    Sorry if it's a silly question, but I know very little of html and I don't really understand how I can export a presentation and simply view it in a browser (just on local, without need to share it or anything else...)
    Thank you very much,

  5. 6 years ago

    this is the warning " Unable to parse file: BookPayload/info.xml"
    then run index.html from exported folder.

    PLEASE advise...
    Thank you..

  6. Paolo A

    22 Jan 2018 Administrator

    Sometimes FTP "forget" to upload that file, try explore remote folder to see if it's actually there. If not, upload that single file in the correct folder.


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