Where to find sound files?

  1. 4 years ago
    Edited 4 years ago by Leena P

    I am planning on using Pubcoder for my future children's books and was wondering where I could find copyright free audio files (preferable from a source I would not need to pay a yearly fee). I'm thinking along the lines of the sound of wind, birdsong and such. Any ideas? Does Pubcoder have such a service?

    Leena :)

  2. Ok. found Audiojungle and purchased files from there. Very affordable.

    Leena :)

  3. You can check the links below :

  4. 3 years ago

    Try these websites http://99sounds.org/free-sound-effects/ , http://soundimage.org/ , https://www.lucidsamples.com/free-sample-packs/181-free-sound-effects-sfx-pack.html ,


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