Pubcoder 3.0

  1. 4 years ago

    Just started to play with pubcoder 3.0. I did a sample of one of my books and I want to save it as an epub file so I can show people how to navigate through it. When I export my project (like I did in Pubcoder 2.5) it tells me my publication is ready and it wants me to download pubreader. I do not want to do that. I just want to save it so I can publish it. Can you tell me how I can just save without viewing?

    My second question is when will a video be released to show what new features are available and how to use them?

    Thank you

  2. Angelo S

    18 Jul 2017 Administrator

    Hello Christine, you can read a lot of informations and see a few videos on this post on Medium .

    It also explains the new export popup in the top-left of the project window, where you can define format export and destination, in your case EPUB and EPUB File respectively, I guess.


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