Adding an image into text

  1. 5 years ago

    Hi Pubcoder people,
    I would like to add an image into a text field that will scroll with text and be animated when either it or a word in the text is touched. Is this possible??? I noticed there is an add image field in the text editor toolbar but I am not sure what to enter for the image source name. Any help would be appreciated.
    Cheers Andy

  2. Hey all good figured it out. If anyone wants to know how just post me happy to explain.

  3. 4 years ago

    Hi, I'd like to know how you've figured it out please.

  4. Hi Andy,
    I am looking for a similar function. A button/link in a scrollable text.
    Would be great if you could share your solution.
    Thanks a lot,

  5. Angelo S

    28 Jun 2018 Administrator

    Hi guys,
    You can see an example of scrolling text with links and images in the example project.
    You can insert them inside a text object by double-clicking it to enter in text editing mode, then using the appropriate toolbar buttons to insert them (highlighted in red below):

    As for populating the image list, you have to import an image in your project than make sure that "Attach Asset" is enabled for the image you want to use inside the text object. To do this, select the image in the "Assets" panel on the left of the project window, then right click on it to bring up the context menu, then enable "Attach Asset".

  6. Hi Angelo,

    thanks, that helped a lot.
    One additional question. Is it possible to convert an added picture to a button? So I can add an action to it.


  7. Angelo S

    12 Jul 2018 Administrator

    Not inside a text box. In the page, instead, you can use the Image Object and add actions to the Tap Event of course.


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