(Inter)actions: tap or click is not touch

  1. 3 years ago


    one of the main reasons why I bought Pubcoder is interaction.
    I'm a teacher of English and I want to create picture dictionaries.

    What I want to have is an image or button that is clickable (on desktop) or an image you can tap on (mobile). say e.g. an apple
    When I click/tap on the image an audio is played (apple.mp3) and a text is displayed (obviously a hidden text that is shown when I tap on the image and that - after tapping on the same image a second time - is hidden again).
    I tried with Pubcoder and it works but not exactly as I'd like it (at least on my desktop, I haven't tried it on my smartphone yet).
    My problem: touch down is a type of action where you keep touching the screen with your finger or pressing the mouse button
    That's not exactly what I want. Maybe i could create an extra button to hide the text, but I want to use the image as a toggle button to switch the status of the text to display from invisible to visible and viceversa as many times as the user wants.

    I'd like to a have the possibiliy of the following sequence:
    ACTION: I tap/click on the image (not touch, really tap or click)
    RESULT : the audio is played and the text is displayed at the same time
    ACTION: I tap/click on the image again
    RESULT : the text is hidden

    How can I achieve this?

  2. 2 years ago

    Angelo S

    24 Nov 2017 Administrator

    Hello Flavio,
    you will have to use two different (but equal) images. Image A shows text, plays audio, hides itself and shows Image B. Image B hides the text, stops audio, hides itself and shows Image A.

    As for the touchdown, that is the event that fires (once) when you press mouse button or touch an area, touch up is fired (once) when you raise your finger from mouse or screen.

    Anyway, If you upgrade to PubCoder 3, you will find a new Tap event too.


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