Pubcoder 3: "No suitable provisioning profile available"

  1. 6 years ago

    I can't get Pubcoder 3 to work when publishing as an iOS app.
    At the Settings it says "No suitable provisioning profile available".
    And I can't attach the provisioning profile since it's greyed out and the yellow warning triangle is showing.
    The Code Signing Identy is correct and also is the App ID.

    When I open the same .pubcoder file in Pubcoder 2.5. everything works.
    And I can publish an iOS app for TestFlight and App Store.

    Has anyone an idea of what can be wrong in Pubcoder 3?

  2. The same happened to me with the certificates and provisioning profile. The solution was to close Pubcoder completely and reopen. When I checked the settings the certificates were linked and the yellow icon was no longer

  3. Thanks - it works now.


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