1. 6 years ago

    My new provisioning profile (that I've downloaded from my developer account as per Apple's request since my previous one had expired) does not appear in drop down menu in Pubcoder 3, please can someone tell me how I can substitute it?


  2. Paolo A

    16 Apr 2018 Administrator

    Hi Milena,

    hope your problem is solved by now! One suggestion on our side is to close and re-open PubCoder, at launch it looks at all new valid provisioning profiles.

  3. 5 years ago

    Hi Paolo,

    Thanks but no, unfortunately I'm still having the same problem, even with re-open, new version, Pubcoder doesn't see my new valid provisioning profiles.

    I've only been able to update my app on Google Play.
    As for iOS, the new/valid certificates/provisioning profiles continue to not appear in Project Settings in Pubcoder, therefor I can't select them, and Application Loader refuses my IPA file.

    I've written to Pubcoder support, really hope you folks can help me out.

  4. Please wait before looking into this, I may have finally fixed it!

  5. Cool beans Pubcoder!

    I did it by re-downloading provisioning profile
    double clicking on it
    x-code opened automatically
    opened pubcoder and the drop down menu in settings allowed me to select the updated and correct provisioning profile

    Thanks anyway!

  6. Edited 5 years ago by Monthon B

    I found the same problem.

    pubcoder v. 3.3
    macOS v. 10.13.6
    xcode v. 10.1



  7. Angelo S

    8 Jan 2019 Administrator

    Hello Monthon,
    please check this documentation page , there's also a link to a tutorial for setting up provisioning profiles.
    The provisioning profiles and codesign identities must be installed on your machine in order for PubCoder to see them.


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