1. 5 years ago

    Hi there, I have a memory game on one of the book page. The reader should solve the game before continue reading the book. But When I export it to html5 format it allows to swipe page. How can I disable page swiping? (see sample )

  2. Paolo A

    16 Apr 2018 Administrator

    Hello Karen,

    this is a known issue, we will solve this in the next updates. Will let you know when this happens.

  3. Angelo S

    28 Jun 2018 Administrator

    Hello Karen. PubCoder 3.1.5 should have fixed this.

  4. Hello Angelo, I already try the update and it works! Thank a lot. But there is still another issue with usability on web page. I would like to hide the web-browser address bar on screen and default menu on mobile devices since it get the huge area which I want to use.

  5. Angelo S

    10 Jul 2018 Administrator

    This has nothing to do with the reader itself. You can try to have some control from the page the opens the reader, with a bit of javascript. You can read more here:


    Anyway, be aware that this will not probably work the same in every browser, especially mobile browsers.


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